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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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August 2009 - Volume 6 - Issue 2

New Program Helps Broward County Residents With Financial Assistance

After seeing many patients struggle to keep up with their bills, Broward General Medical Center (BGMC) launched a new program this past spring to help people who do not have health insurance. Medicaid Out-Patient Eligibility Department (MOPED) was formed as a financial assistance program for medical bills and to partner with the community for healthcare services as well.

"The program is designed to help patients qualify for Medicaid, Charity, and financial assistance as necessary," says Mark Doyle, CFO of BGMC and creator of MOPED. "We had to find a way to reach this segment of the population. So we partnered with the Department of Children and Families to assist patients with an office conveniently located in the main lobby of Broward General Medical Center."

Doyle has been pleased with the results so far. "The responses we have received from patients, families, and physicians have been fantastic," he says.

Some of the highlights since the program was implemented:

  • The Web page for MOPED at has generated over 600 hits and views. The site allows patients to download the required information to apply for assistance as well as an overview of the program.
  • The MOPED unit has increased the number of visits from June 2008 to June 2009 by 49% or 537 visits.
  • MOPED completed 76 Medicaid applications in June 2009, which brings the total to 136 from the inception of program in May.
  • Completed over 1,300 "tax fund"/charity applications since Program inception.
Patients who come into the MOPED office are greeted and given a pager to wait to see a member of the staff. There are no lines and wait times are less than 25 minutes. MOPED has instructions in various languages and Staff that speak English, Spanish, French, and Creole. In addition to applying for assistance programs like Medicaid, state and federally funded programs, and tax funds/charity care, people can also apply for food stamps, discounted phone service, and temporary cash.

All paperwork and forms for the application process are filled out at the MOPED office which allows for faster processing. Patients are supervised by a staff member throughout the entire process, and are required to bring their medical bill(s), personal forms and documents, and identification with them in order to complete the application process.

Doyle says the depending on the continued success of the Program, it may be rolled out in phases to the other three BGMC facilities and its 30 clinics.

"The objective is to work out the kinks and roll it out to the other places," he says. "We hope to have it live in the Emergency Room and outpatient clinics by September 1. The employees have gone through all of the training for Medicaid Eligibility processing already."

After that, the next phase is to develop a community outreach program because many people donít think to qualify for Medicaid.

"We want to partner with schools, Foundations, and cater to women and children in the community," says Doyle. "Many of these residents donít have any insurance or access to healthcare. We want to partner with the community and make them aware of this Program and try to qualify as many people as possible and get them into the Broward Health System."

The MOPED office is located in Broward General Medical Center's main lobby and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Patients or their responsible parties should contact 954-355-5442.

"Broward Health offers comprehensive services and world-class healthcare," adds Doyle. "We are excited to have a program like this to help people in their time of need. Weíre a partner in the community and we encourage patients and Broward residents to use our services."

For more information, call (954) 355-5442 or visit
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