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Sunday April 11, 2021

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November 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 5

OZ Digital Consulting: Enhancing Patient Experience and Hospital Performance

Providing a positive patient experience is critical for any healthcare system. Not only does it make your patients feel they are cared for, but it can lead to better outcomes which means more patients and more revenue. 

“Over the years, we have seen a radical shift in the way things are being focused on in healthcare,” says Murray Izenwasser, VP Consulting and Healthcare Practice Lead for OZ, a leading global consulting company whose services and solutions enhance Customer Experience through digital innovation. “Patient experience has become a real focus.”
That shift also caused OZ to transform its business model as well. As a 22-year old organization, OZ was previously a traditional IT consulting/IT services organization implementing technology, technology applications, and development services for clients. About 70 percent of its work was focused in healthcare and they primarily dealt with CIOs and their teams.
Over the past five years, however, healthcare systems began to look at themselves more as a business.
“The conversation we began to have with our clients was focused around ‘their business,’ and ‘the way they go to market,’” says Izenwasser. “Previously, people didn’t like to talk about those types of things when they talked about healthcare.”
Instead of being asked whether they could implement a new system or write a new IT application, OZ was being asked questions such as: “how do we change fundamental aspects of our organization and the way we interact with our patients, physicians, and employees?,” or “how do we create a better experience for everyone that leads to better outcomes?”
“These are fundamentally different questions than we were historically asked,” says Izenwasser. "While IT is always still involved, it’s really the people on the business side of healthcare who are now asking us to help.”
Amjad Shamim, CEO of OZ, adds that hospitals have also started to view their patients as consumers.
“The internet and smartphones have conditioned people to expect immediate attention to things and to get immediate results,” Shamim says. “They want to read doctor reviews online or to be able to schedule their own appointments. They expect that immediacy as well as want that convenience. Once they get the care, they want it to be personalized too—which is something that enhances patient experience. And on top of all that they want to know that their private data is safe. They want personalization but also privacy.”
OZ works with healthcare systems to help them make patient care more personalized, simple and efficient. The company helps hospitals squeeze optimal value out of their budgets to drive patient experiences, so they can continue delivering the best patient experiences.
For instance, their advanced analytics consultants have created systems to reduce costs and improve hospital efficiency. They also enable secure and reliable cloud networks making telehealth possible. By deploying sensors and other IoT devices, they can ensure your healthcare facility gets the most out of your equipment by flagging potential problems and recommending the best maintenance schedules. They also design data management solutions that can process diverse sets of information on everything from bed counts to nurse schedules to supply orders. In addition, out of their 300-plus digital consultants who work with OZ, about 40 are focused on integration work, and have performed thousands of integrations in healthcare over the past 22 years — and that pace is quickening.
“At every stage along the patient journey, we want to create something that truly integrates to the business of doing healthcare while creating a great experience for that patient, physician or employee,” adds Izenwasser.
One of the keys to the company’s success has been approaching the work they do with full integrity with clients and driving to an understanding of what they are going to do.
“It’s not an over-promise or under-deliver or under-promise or over-deliver,” explains Izenwasser. “It’s a true understanding between us and our clients of what we are going to do and then doing it.”
What makes a great patient experience for OZ is where the processes, procedures and administration of modern day healthcare does not get in the way of getting the patient back to the status quo of their lives.
“That is what patient experience is about to us,” says Izenwasser. “People want to get back to what their life was before whatever incident made them interact with a healthcare system. We can help our clients do that by focusing on eliminating any of the friction and frustration of a patient’s interaction with a healthcare system.”

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