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Thursday October 18, 2018

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October 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 4




Our “Ménage A Trois”

OK, just keep reading … you know me, nothing scandalous about this publisher’s note … many of you will recognize yourselves in the story below.    
Have you noticed that while our TVs have gotten bigger and our computers have increased their capacities, bed sizes have remained virtually the same for decades. Well this is becoming a bit of a problem in the Felix household. We own a king-size bed … we have always owned a king-size bed. Even when we lived (and I use that term loosely) in a studio apartment in a 6-floor Brooklyn walk-up, we had a king-size bed.
We raised both our boys with a king-size mattress. And at the risk of embarrassing Josh and Drew … they slept with us a lot! There was always plenty of room. So why now, after 40 (yes I said 40) years of marriage is this not big enough??
In a word – Gabby, our beloved, absolutely perfect golden doodle. Gabby has slept with us since the day we liberated her from her crate at the age of 11 months. But she’s always cuddled with me for a bit and then thoughtfully migrated to the bottom of the bed to sleep. However, a few months ago, at the grand old age of 5, she decided she likes pillows … my pillow! So a couple of weeks ago, when I woke up with scratches on my face and arms, I couldn’t even blame it on some macho accident – it was those poodle legs that flail about when Gabby dreams about chasing just one gecko.
So without really acknowledging the actual reason we were contemplating a bigger bed – Carol and I decided it might be the perfect way to celebrate our 40th anniversary and went mattress shopping. Surely bed sizes have increased over the years? But with the exception of a California King – which gives more length than width, we were flat out of luck. (I’ve never been accused of being tall enough to need a California King.) At one point, we even “test drove” some mattresses … wondering if Gabby could squeeze into the middle. 
And the end result of our quest, an expenditure of only $20 for an extra pillow at the bottom of our bed for Gabby. So for now, and we hope for a long, long time, we will be “sleeping triple in our king-size bed.”
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