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Monday December 17, 2018

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March 2012 - Volume 8 - Issue 9




Palm Beach County Medical Society Announces New President and Board of Directors

Palm Beach County Medical Society welcomes the 2012 Board of Directors under the leadership of Jack Zeltzer, M.D. A member of Palm Beach County Medical Society since 2002, Dr. Zeltzer is currently serving as the Chief of Surgery at Wellington Regional Medical Center. He has served as Chief of Surgery on prior occasions at both Wellington Regional Medical Center and JFK Medical Center. Dr. Zeltzer has also been in leadership positions on various committees at JFK Medical Center, Palms West Hospital, and Wellington Regional Medical Center.
New officers are K. Andrew Larson, M.D., President-Elect, Chair Leadership Development Council; Ronald Zelnick, M.D., First Vice President, Chair Council on Membership; Stephen Babic, M.D., Second Vice President, Chair Council on Legislation & Physician Advocacy; Malcolm Dorman, M.D., Secretary, Co-Chair Council on Finance & Governance; James Howell, M.D., Treasurer, Chair Council on Finance & Governance; and James J. Byrnes, M.D., Past President, Leadership Development.
Directors are Hatem Abou-Sayed, M.D., William Adkins, M.D., Jose Arrascue, M.D., Shawn Baca, M.D., Jeffrey Bishop, DO, Mark Brody, M.D., Jeffrey Davis, DO, Michael Dennis, M.D., Roger Duncan, M.D., Randy Gershwin, M.D., James Goldenberg, M.D., Larry Gorfine, M.D., Richard Greenwald, M.D., Daniel Higgins, M.D., Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, M.D., Brandon Luskin, M.D., Harish Madhav, M.D., Alan Pillersdorf, M.D., Mark Rubenstein, M.D., Brent Schillinger, M.D., Andrew Shapiro, M.D., Richard Shugarman, M.D., David Soria, M.D., Joan St. Onge, M.D., Maureen Whelihan, M.D., Jeffrey Wisnicki, M.D., and Kenneth Woliner, M.D.
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