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April 2005 - Volume 1 - Issue 9



Pediatrix Medical Group Celebrates Twenty-Five Years of ‘Taking Great Care of the Patients’

South Florida is home to the nation’s largest healthcare services company specializing in physician services for maternal–fetal, newborn and pediatric specialty medicine: Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc., based in Sunrise, Florida. Pediatrix is an organization with a simple and very clear mission: to take great care of the patient. In their case, those patients are premature and critically ill newborn infants, expectant mothers with complicated pregnancies and very ill children in need of intensive care. Such vulnerable populations demand meticulous, state of the art care and Pediatrix is committed to providing it.

Dr. David Kanter caring for premature twins at St. Mary’s in West Palm Beach.

Pediatrix Medical Group is comprised of 775 neonatologists, perinatologists, pediatric intensivists, pediatric cardiologists and other subspecialists, as well as 300 nurse practitioners, who provide care to more than 3400 patients across the nation every day. The rapidly growing company currently has practices in 31 states, but has its roots right here in South Florida, where it originated 25 years ago in Broward as the practice of neonatologist Roger Medel, MD, the company’s CEO.

Medel realized that, as his practice grew, administrative demands were placing an increasing burden on the time and energy of the physicians and subsequently pulling them away from the clinical realm. His concept, which remains the foundation of Pediatrix Medical Group, was to provide the administrative oversight and support that would allow neonatologists to do exactly what they are prepared and eager to do: provide excellent care and clinical management for their tiny, critically ill patients with the goal of achieving superior outcomes.

Pediatrix makes it possible for physicians to be clinicians first. In neonatology, this is an especially valuable approach, as this is a specialty that does not involve traditional office hours, but instead consists of long hours attending patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and providing on-call coverage for the crises that are a daily routine in such a setting. Medel’s approach was so successful within his own practice that he began offering his model to other neonatology groups, gradually expanding into the multifaceted organization that is Pediatrix today.

In addition to providing administrative infrastructure, Pediatrix facilitates clinical excellence through a sophisticated electronic data collection system that simplifies medical record keeping for the physicians while simultaneously creating an enormous database of neonatal outcomes information. Data from the Pediatrix network’s one million-plus annual patient days provides a rich source for learning, analyzing and modifying patterns of care. The database drives improvements in neonatal care and helps physicians evaluate the effectiveness of their clinical interventions. These advances in care and new findings can be quickly shared within the national network of Pediatrix physicians and beyond, to related disciplines and groups as well as in the pediatric and neonatal medical journals, thereby serving the entire neonatal professional community.

The company has expanded into related specialties in a natural progression that has become a prototype for high-risk maternal newborn care. Pediatrix encompasses a perinatology division, Obstetrix Medical Group, with maternal-fetal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of women who require specialized antepartum care, such as those with diabetes, hypertension, premature labor or the increasingly common multiple-birth pregnancy. Pediatric cardiology and pediatric intensive care are also part of the Pediatrix continuum of care. This continuum of maternal-fetal-neonatal-pediatric specialty care expedites communication and facilitates collaboration among the various parties, resulting in an exceptional level of teamwork that serves the patient and family, reduces time and costs and provides smooth, integrated care.

Pediatrix physicians report a high degree of satisfaction, finding that the absence of burdensome administrative responsibilities results in a higher quality of life both on the job and at home. They appreciate the opportunities to participate in improving care by way of the outcomes database, to network with their peers across the country and to advance their own skills and practices through Pediatrix University, the educational branch of the company that offers continuing education to physicians and nurse practitioners.

While Pediatrix has expanded substantially in both size and concept, the focus of the company continues to be primarily on the care of newborn infants, born prematurely or with complications. Neonatology, as a specialty within pediatric medicine, is relatively young, but has witnessed remarkable growth and development in the past twenty-five years. Advancements in technology, pharmacology and neonatal medicine now make survival possible for far greater numbers of infants, while attention to their developmental needs and the emotional needs of their families have humanized neonatal care substantially.

"Take great care of the patient" is much more than a corporate slogan for Pediatrix Medical Group – it is a principle that translates into the survival of thousands of fragile and very sick infants, better developmental outcomes for those infants and mitigation of the heartbreak of premature and crisis birth for their families. Since 1979, Pediatrix Medical Group has grown and developed right alongside the specialty of neonatology, offering excellent patient management while caring for the professional and educational needs of neonatologists.

Pediatrix has six regional divisions but has kept its corporate base in South Florida. Over 350 local residents are employed at the Sunrise headquarters of the company.

For more information about Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc., call 800-243-3839 or visit
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