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January 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 7


Physicians Advantage Services: Solutions and Service Are Key to Company’s Success

During these trying economic times, it’s comforting to know that some businesses are booming.

Physicians Advantage Services (PAS) is a shining example. The family-run company, which helps doctors manage their practices, is thriving – so much so that it plans to move to a larger, state-of-the art office building later this year. Headquartered in Palm City, PAS has a growing list of clients that includes physicians located throughout South Florida.

"We’re proud of our growth," says President Christopher Brown, who owns and operates the business with his father Barrie and his brother Matthew. "We feel it reflects the level of services - and service - we provide."

Founded almost a decade ago, PAS offers a broad scope of financial and operational expertise. The centerpiece of its services is medical billing and collections, an area in which the company excels in meeting customer needs, says Brown.

PAS’s billing and coding staff is experienced in a broad scope of specialties, including, in part, internal medicine, pathology, urology, oncology, cardiology, physical therapy, pediatrics, and orthopedics. Besides being highly trained, staff members are quality-focused as well, evidenced by the fact that they manually audit every account, on a regular basis, to verify accuracy. Brown assures that all information is also handled with the highest degree of confidentiality and in full compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Christopher Brown (standing), president of Physicians Advantage Services, meets with his staff (front row l-r) Gil Brown, Brent Adams, (back row l-r) Kelli Wilson, Amelia Maldonado, Chrem White, and Sharon Mitchell.

As a service to its customers, PAS hosts, without charge, the software it uses for billing. This poses a great advantage, says Brown. "Most single provider practices don’t have the resources to maintain a server, keep their software up to date, or correctly back up critical data," he explains. "With our ASP (Application Service Provider) model, we eliminate the need for a complex IT infrastructure; all that’s required is a broadband Internet connection." PAS also has the capability to convert demographic data from nearly all medical software in use today.

In addition to free software support, PAS waives clearinghouse fees for its customers as well. The company also charges for its billing services based on a percentage of the revenue it collects, rather than on a flat fee basis like some companies do. "This ties our profitability directly to the practice’s financial health," notes Brown, who cautions that flat fees can lead to overcharging for services. Unlike the majority of its competitors, PAS also bills secondary and tertiary payers, and collects on patient balances after the insurance has been paid.

PAS keeps pace with the latest technology, which means faster, more efficient processing and reporting for its clients. Currently, the company files about 90 percent of all claims electronically. It digitally archives paperwork for instant retrieval, and converts faxes to email so they don’t get lost in busy offices. "We also integrate our practice management software with Crystal Reports – one of today’s most sophisticated reporting engines," says Brown. "This enables us to provide advanced financial data to our doctors."

Beyond billing and collections, PAS also offers consulting services. The company works closely with providers and their office staff to establish new practices, or enhance existing ones, through customized services ranging from space planning and workflow procedures, to payroll and personnel issues, and the installation of technical equipment. The goal with all clients, points out Brown, is to optimize productivity and financial performance.

Credentialing is yet another service PAS extends to its customers, says Brown. This includes accreditation for physicians and facilities, Florida licensure, and board certification. "From doctors just graduating from med school, to those entering a new discipline or looking to renew their present credentialing, we’re ready to help," he notes.

By choosing to partner with PAS, physician practices gain the many benefits of outsourcing. "We cut IT expenses for our clients, along with labor costs, such as paying salaries with benefits and training new employees," states Brown. The company also covers the costs of preparing and sending out monthly patient statements.

With PAS, physicians can also count on courteous, professional service. When their patients call the company’s toll-free number with billing inquiries, for example, PAS staff politely answers their questions and takes the time to explain, in detail, the charges and payments posted to their accounts.

"Ultimately, Physicians Advantage Services allows doctors to focus on their core business –treating patients—while saving them money," says Brown.

For more information on Physicians Advantage Services, call Chris Brown toll-free at (866) 903-9758, ext. 2. You may also visit the company’s website at
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