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August 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 2




Physicians Learned about the Future of Health Care Delivery at Broad and Cassel Health Forum

(l-r) Deanna Lessard, Palm Beach Medical Society; Pat Handler, Dade County Medical Association; and Kirk Kreis, ProAssurance

Florida physicians and other health care professionals filled the conference room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino recently to hear keynote speaker David Willis, managing director of The Advisory Board Company, speak on “Where is Health Care Going? Implications of Reform for Hospitals and Physician Practices.” Other speakers included Mike Segal, chair of the Broad and Cassel Health Law Practice Group, who talked about “Clinical Integration and ACO’s: Is It All for Real?”, Gabriel Imperato, managing partner of the Fort Lauderdale office, who spoke on “Health Care Reform and Enforcement and Compliance,” and Douglas L. Mannheimer, chair of the firm’s Governmental Relations Practice Group, who offered insight into the Florida Legislative Session’s health care legislation.
“We’re living in an incredibly complex world of health care today,” said Willis, who gave an overview of the Massachusetts universal coverage model that has virtually eliminated the uninsured. “The big strategic question today is whether or not you should form, join or becoming affiliated with an ACO. That’s the $64 million question;

(l-r) Gabe Imperato and Mike Segal, Broad and Cassel, and Steve Bowers, Cobo, Welzien, Bowers
you’ll need to seek counsel for that decision.”
Willis’ 45-minute presentation also focused on the critical role of primary physicians as demand for their services skyrockets and the need for all physicians to collaborate with them drives the change in delivery models.
“No matter what, you have to have primary care,” echoed Segal. “No one has a crystal ball, but times are changing and physicians have to be ready. It is critical
today to start aligning with other providers.”
Imperato provided a comprehensive overview of compliance issues for health care organizations. “Compliance for organizations today is a key concept,” he said. “If you fail to follow the rules, you’ll eventually pay the consequences. If the government doesn’t find you by itself, a whistleblower will probably spill the beans.”

(l-r) Lanny Pauley, South Florida Medical Group Management Association; Gabe Imperato, Broad and Cassel; and Cynthia Peterson, Broward County Medical Association
The 2011 Florida Legislative Session was fraught with turmoil, reported Mannheimer, who said only 285 of more than 2,000 bills introduced were passed, the restriction of “pill mills” being one of the most reported. He also discussed the managed care movement in Medicaid, the fight over the constitutionality of a law that makes everyone get health care coverage, and a new transparency law that requires some physician offices to post fees for their 50 most common services.
A limited number of DVDs of the Forum are available by contacting Mike Segal at or (305) 373-9430.
The Health Forum was presented by Broad and Cassel, a Florida-based law firm. Additional sponsors for the event included ProAssurance; SunTrust; Cobo, Weizien, Bowers; Dade County Medical Association, Broward County Medical Association, Palm Beach County Medical Society, South Florida Medical Group Managers Association, Health News Florida and South Florida Hospital News.
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