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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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April 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 10

Plantation Dermatologist Channels Medical Know-How into Murder Mystery Novel Series

Garry B. Gewirtzman, M.D., may be a dermatologist by day, but after hours he trades his lab coat for a detective’s hat as he and his wife Sheila conjure up medical mystery novels. He and Sheila, a retired accountant, have published five medical-murder mysteries, all components of Cliff Mandich, MD Murder Mystery Series. Their recent addition, The Coroner Croaked, is now available in softcover and Kindle versions at Written for medical professionals and laymen alike, the series will have you hooked on the search for secrets and suspects. Written right here in Plantation Florida, this series is the perfect addition to your beach bag or pool lounge chair.

The Cliff Mandich, MD Murder Mystery series follows a South Florida Dermatologist, Cliff Mandich, and his wife Lauren, who investigate and provide medical insight on unusual murder mysteries happening in the U.S. Sound familiar? The couple chose to portray themselves as the main characters of the series, a true testament to their appreciation and passion for medicine and law enforcement.
The Gewirtzmans recently published the newest addition in the series, The Coroner Croaked. The fiction book follows a series of unusual deaths across the United States, in which the coroners “croak” while performing autopsies on the deceased. Dr. Clifford Mandich and his wife Lauren are called in to investigate the deaths and find answers before more deaths plague the nation. The Coroner Croaked joins the previous four editions in the series, Deadly Combo, Deadly Countdown, Deadly Crossing and Miami Madness.
The couple’s creative writing career came to be in 2005, when they decided to put their heads together and use their skills to create something imaginative. Dr. Gewirtzman had previously authored three nonfiction books where he dispenses common sense medical advice to the layman. He uses his medical background and education to construct a mystery and crime-packed storyline. Sheila uses her creative writing to transform the storyline into a narrative work. But it does not stop there – they both bring law enforcement experience to the drafting table as graduates of the DEA civilian academy. Dr. Gewirtzman also completed the FBI Civilian Academy. Sheila has visited Quantico and like Dr. Gewirtzman attended a training exercise with a police bomb squad. Dr. Gewirtzman has patrolled with detectives in squad cars and was in the co-pilot’s seat of a helicopter in a search for a missing abducted child. The author pair uses real-world training to elevate the characters and plot in their crime novel series. Together, the husband-and-wife duo cultivates engaging and thrilling crime novels. Their partnership in planning and writing has proven that two is better than one.
At 74, Dr. Gewirtzman continues his full-time practice as a Dermatologist at Skin & Cancer Associates, a career he loves and draws inspiration from for his novels. He is a Rutgers University graduate and received his medical degree from Albany Medical College. He is recognized nationally for his medical work; he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and served as Assistant Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at State University of New York at Buffalo. He is also a recipient of several AMA and American Academy of Dermatology awards.
There is still more to come from the Gewirtzmans, as they work on their sixth novel in the series. They continue balancing their real and written worlds as they work together to bring their books to life. Through it all, they remain happy-in-love, as a married couple and co-authors. Partners in crime are not always criminals – sometimes they are novelists! 


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