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Monday May 27, 2019

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October 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 4




Plaza Health Network Expands Advanced Respiratory Care Program

As part of its ongoing mission to provide high quality, sub-acute care to adults and seniors in the South Florida community, Plaza Health Network continues to grow its respiratory care program that provides treatment, rehabilitation and education to patients with complex respiratory conditions.

The program launched at Arch Plaza, located in North Miami, at the start of 2018. The program is now also available at University Plaza, located in the heart of Miami’s medical district.
Patients with complex respiratory conditions -such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, lung disease and those who are ventilator or tracheostomy dependent -are cared for by respiratory therapists who coordinate with nursing and rehabilitation staff to provide enhanced and advanced pulmonary care. The team also is focused on the patient’s continual care as they have transitioned from hospital to home by teaching them the necessary skills that would enable them to function independently at home, thereby avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions.
The interdisciplinary respiratory care teams at Arch and University Plaza include pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, nurses with specialized training in ventilator and tracheostomy care, physical, occupational and speech therapists, nutritionists, social workers and care managers.
“We have several respiratory experts on our team who are highly skilled in this field and are proud to have launched this program within Plaza Health Network,” said Barry Preter, Administrator for Arch Plaza. “We are pleased to now have University Plaza providing this program as our ultimate goal is for all of our patients to have greater independence and the ability to care for themselves at home when they are ready.”
Services within the Plaza Health Network advanced respiratory care program include:
• An experienced, licensed respiratory care team on-site 24 hours per day
• Ventilator management and weaning
• Tracheostomy care
• Oxygen management (including high flow modalities)
• Pulmonary rehabilitation
• Pulmonary function testing
• Exercise tolerance testing
• Communications and swallowing therapy
• Telemedicine and telemetry for on-site and remote access to medical specialists 24-hour/day for high risk patients, reducing unnecessary hospital re-admissions.
In addition, pulmonary care patients also receive disease-specific education, such as exercise, energy, and smoking cessation, for eventual self-management and lifestyle modification.
“We are proud, once again, to be forging ahead with programs and services that enhance the quality of care that our patients receive,” said Elaine Bloom, Plaza Health Network CEO. “Our highly-trained staff is ready to provide the comprehensive medical attention required in a successful respiratory program, while also addressing patients' physical and social needs.”

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