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October 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 4

Profile: Alan Dimond, Board Chairman of Jackson Memorial Foundation

When an organization is embarking on major transformation, it needs masterful leadership that combines vision, authority, courage and practicality. Jackson Memorial Foundation, the pioneering philanthropic foundation that supports and enhances Jackson Health System (JHS), is fortunate to have exactly that kind of leadership in Alan T. Dimond, current chairman of the board of directors

Dimond has been an active member of the Foundation board for more than a decade and is serving as chairman for a period of two years. Itís a critical time for both the Foundation and the integrated health care system that is comprised of five hospitals and a comprehensive range of community centers designed to meet the healthcare needs of Miami-Dade County residents. Jackson is Floridaís largest healthcare provider and is the second largest public health hospital in the nation.

As a public hospital, Jackson is also the stateís largest provider of charity care. It is governed by the countyís Public Health Trust and financially supported by taxpayers. It serves as an essential safety net for the region, maintaining an open door that welcomes all those in need of care, and especially those who need it most Ė the uninsured, underserved residents whose numbers are growing rapidly. While the industry struggles with thinning profit margins, soaring costs and the strain of growing numbers of uninsured, public hospitals face an especially daunting challenge. With financial needs that far exceed revenues, they cannot survive without supplemental fiscal sources to balance uncompensated care.

Public hospitals are entrusted with a noble mission: to provide care to the most vulnerable, turning no one away, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. That challenge energizes Foundation chairman Dimond. With a laser beam focus on mission, he and his colleagues have devised highly innovative strategies to strengthen the crucial community lifeline that is Jackson Health System. "To fulfill our mission, we must be financially healthy," he says. "Many people lack access to healthcare and if Jackson was not here to serve those people, the results could be catastrophic. We might see rationing of health care and very limited services. Itís a gigantic problem and the only thing standing between us and that scenario is our ability to achieve a favorable payor mix."

Jackson has an international reputation for excellence and is known particularly for its progressive, state-of-the-art trauma care, emergency care, burn care, surgery and neonatal/pediatric specialties. As a teaching hospital, affiliated with the University of Miami School of Medicine, it is at the forefront of advances in clinical management and diagnostics. Increasingly, it is the hospital of choice for those who have a choice and want the highest quality care.

According to Dimond, however, not enough people recognize this. "Jackson is a well regarded but misunderstood facility," he believes. "We are rapidly becoming a world class center and we want to attract people who expect that level of care. For a long time, Jackson lacked amenities but we have developed a legal entity to address that Ė Foundation Health Services. Itís a corporation formed by Jackson Health System, the University of Miami and the Foundation, offering medical concierge services and marketing to attract international, private and self-paying patients. By choosing Jackson, these patients are supporting our mission."

Foundation Health Services offers non-medical services and amenities, including coordination of travel, hospitality suites and valet services. Dimond says that in eighteen months, the service has generated revenues that far exceed initial expectations. "Itís been strongly positive. The concierge services not only are subsidizing costs but are providing patients with a more comfortable experience. This represents a transition for the Foundation, as we are involved in operations now, providing services within the hospital. Itís a complex initiative but we are excited and pleased with the results."

Dimond is equally excited about other initiatives on the Foundation agenda, including plans for a new facility for Holtz Childrenís Hospital. Despite his busy schedule as a trial lawyer with Greenberg Traurig, he makes the Foundation a priority, says Rolando D. Rodriguez, president and CEO of the Foundation. "Despite being constantly busy, Alan never hesitates to make himself available to us. He is a thoughtful and engaged leader at a time when we are facing great change, new opportunities and roles for the Foundation. Alan has an analytical mind that helps us sort through issues and arrive at the right decision. He is a very active, involved chairman and has really made a difference for us."

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