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Monday July 6, 2020

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October 2015 - Volume 12 - Issue 4


Publisher's Note

“A knotty puzzle may hold a scientist up for a century, when it may be that a colleague has the solution already and is not even aware of the puzzle that it might solve.”    - Isaac Asimov, The Robots of Dawn

On a serious note …
When Carol and I first moved to South Florida in 2003 to start up South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report, we only had a general idea about the healthcare community we were hoping to join. But now approximately 12 years later, I can unequivocally say we’ve got a pretty darn good one!
And I’m speaking not only professionally, but very personally as well. To me the essence of a healthcare community should be measured in terms of excellence, compassion and collaboration. And in some respects, the last – collaboration – is perhaps the most important. Sometimes it’s not only having the right answer that is important, sometimes it’s admitting you don’t know something or everything about a particular medical condition that is the best answer of all.
Over the last several months our son Drew has really gone through a lot dealing with a rare hematologic/vascular condition. And while accompanying him on his visits in and out of various South Florida hospitals, different healthcare systems, and appointments/consultations with his medical professionals, we’ve witnessed a remarkable willingness to consult “across party lines” – a willingness to go the extra mile to reach out to other healthcare systems and medical professionals, do extra research, to not only make referrals, offer different options, but to care enough to follow-up on the results of these suggestions.
And although we’re all still on this medical merry-go-round, we have to give a very big thank you to all we’ve met along the way. 
And for those of you who follow our crazy life and were expecting an Alaskan update – let me just say this – sadly it was bad timing all around. The Hubbard Glacier is not the place to be when you find out your son is in the hospital and the whales (our main reason for returning to the 49th state) once again were MIA!
Carol and I are hoping that in next month’s edition, we can report to you that Drew is out of the hospital, well on his way to a full recovery and solution to his condition. We also are hoping that life here returns to the normal, boring routine that we can better appreciate now.

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