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Friday October 30, 2020

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January 2016 - Volume 12 - Issue 7

Publisher's Note

Probably like many other households, 2015 was a year of ecstatic highs and not so great lows. But the good thing is I’ve found it far easier to remember the good than the bad and 2016 is looking very bright indeed. Unlike previous years when conducting business in December was like an episode of The Walking Dead, the last few weeks have been pretty exciting. It seems like everyone in our healthcare community has exciting news to tell and a positive outlook for the coming year.

One of our region’s most important decisions for 2016 will be the selection of a new CEO for the Memorial Healthcare System, a healthcare system which has experienced substantial growth and financial success under the leadership of its retiring CEO Frank Sacco. I would urge the South Broward Hospital District’s Board of Commissioners to pay particular attention to the internal candidates, each of whom possesses a strong knowledge of our healthcare community and the existing culture and structure of the Memorial system. These internal candidates have played significant roles in building and maintaining the Memorial culture and understand that positive relationships in an organization are the keys to successful outcomes.
On another note in response to the request of one of our frequent readers, we are reprinting the last paragraph of 2015’s Publishers Note. According to her, what follows caused her to look beyond a Google search of her mystery symptoms last year and actually visit her physician for a diagnosis and ultimately, successful treatment.
“And as we continue to advance into the 21st century, I hope everyone realizes that although we can research and Google to the ends of the earth, there is no substitute for the healthcare professional. We will always require the human brain to interpret and analyze the facts and figures we dig up, injecting humanity and common sense into each decision. And if you don’t believe me … remember the words of Mark Twain —“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”
Happy New Year to all and to all a Very Healthy 2016!

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