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Monday August 19, 2019

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July 2006 - Volume 3 - Issue 1




Publisherís Note

In case I havenít spoken with you lately or mentioned it, hereís a great big Thank You.

This month we celebrate the second anniversary of South Florida Hospital News and I think, at the risk of sounding like Sally Field, "you like us, you really like us." I canít tell you how much we appreciate your editorial submissions, story ideas and, because we have this annoying penchant for eating, your advertisements. Weíre also excited this month to offer you the ability to subscribe online at and join our South Florida heathcare community with just a few secure keystrokes. Check it out and get your very own issue of South Florida Hospital News delivered to your home.

But on a sadder note, I must report that our special cat Beans finally died last month. As I mentioned back in February, we were faced with the decision of how much testing was appropriate for an elderly pet. Well, after months of watching him waste away for a myriad of reasons, Carol, the family pragmatist, decided enough was enough. And I must admit we all finally concurred. So now, itís just our remaining Devon Rex Tigger (a.k.a. Attila the Hun) and us. But, Tigger, a rather rotund bully, may be in for a surprise very soon Ö

Not quite as earth shaking to all of you (but you should be in Tiggerís shoes) is Carolís and my decision to add a canine member to our household. After a couple of decades of being dog less, weíre jumping back into the fray and hopefully awaiting the arrival in late summer of a Golden Doodle. (Now donít start e-mailing me about the merits of rescue dogs and hybrids, there are no bigger supporters than us. However, due to my allergies, we need to make as sure as possible that we donít invite an "asthma attack waiting to happen" through our doors. Hence, the hybrid decision Ė the marriage of two great breeds (we hope) in a minimal shedding package.) Stay tuned for updates Ė I have a feeling this decision may provide quite a bit of fodder for my monthly notes.

But, getting back to why youíre even reading this. I hope you think your confidence and support in our publication has been well placed. We have tried and will continue to try to provide information and ideas of interest to all of our readers. And if we fall short, I hope you feel comfortable enough to let us know. Carol and I also would like to take this opportunity to thank some rather pivotal people Ė our editor Nancy Carroll Lammie, her staff at JMC Graphics, and our editorial coordinator Judy Gramm. Theyíre the best and I hope they know how much we appreciate them. A very special thank you also must go to Harvey Kart, the "pater familias" of the Hospital News family of newspapers. He, unselfishly, showed us the ropes as we started up our new venture.

So keep on reading us and patronizing our advertisers Ė the people who enable us to produce South Florida Hospital News. Like I said last year at this time, we know itís a bit soon to become a tradition, but thanks for making us your monthly habit.

Charles Felix, Publisher

You can reach Charles Felix at
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