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Tuesday August 11, 2020

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September 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 3

Publisher's Note

HELP WANTED: Baby Whisperer for strong-willed 21-month-old SWM (aka adorable baby boy!) who hates baths, the pool and most food.

As many of you know, life at the Felix house is a lot like living at a B&B (without the meals … luckily for the guests). This month’s guests included my sister and brother-in-law Bobbi and Bob, my niece/goddaughter Ali, and her little boy Brooks – all from Atlanta. Consequently, we’ve never had a real opportunity to spend any quality time with Brooks and everything up until now has been as Perry Mason is famous for saying, “Just here say.” And boy have we gotten an earful. To hear our Atlanta family tell it, Brooks at only 21 months could star in “Home Alone” without much coaching. Adjectives to describe this angelic looking child have ranged from stubborn on a good day to intractable and unbending on his less cooperative times. Luckily he has a great big sister and 3 amazing older brothers to pinch hit for his Mom and Dad Alex corral this little rascal. But I digress …
Enter Uncle Charles, this family’s answer to the Baby Whisperer.
Let me explain how I, commonly known as “Uncle Charles,” turned this baby boy around in one long weekend. My method involved “baby steps” both literally and figuratively.
Baby Step 1
Dazzle the toddler with technology. Using the “Call Elmo” app on my iPhone, I magically (or so it seemed to Brooks) allowed him to hear, see and speak to Elmo 24/7. Score 1 for Uncle Charles!
Baby Step 2
Heat the backyard pool to 95 degrees, throw in about $300 worth of pool toys and with some patient coaching Brooks was blowing bubbles and yelling to go into the pool all the TIME!  I was definitely on a roll!
Baby Step #3
Food issues - this could have been the toughest challenge, since many had tried before me. But apparently all it took was a night out at our favorite deli Zinger’s and ...”We had him at Hot Dog and Fries” not to mention the small bowl of Cole Slaw that he devoured (really you can’t make this stuff up.)
Baby Step #4
By now I was going for the Gold, no bathtub phobia was going to ruin my record. So we filled the tub with warm water, had Brooks throw in some foam numbers and letters and YES! Problem solved! Under the “be careful what you wish for column” — the problem now is the 30 minute tantrum that ensues as you try to get him OUT of the tub!
As I drove the family to the airport on Monday morning, I basked in the knowledge that I had earned the trust and adoration of a very tough customer. Just call me the Pied Piper of Boca Raton.

 Charles Felix can be reached at

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