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Saturday July 11, 2020

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October 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 4

Publisher's Note

Life Is a Witch and Then You Fly

Once upon a time (last year actually), there was a little boy who lived down the street from us. On Halloween Peter dressed up in his Captain America cape and mask and gripping his shield ventured out for his share of Halloween loot. According to his Dad, Peter loved the holiday and had a great time trick or treating for over an hour in our little community. Until, that is, he came to our house.
For anyone who follows me on Facebook (obviously you lead a very sheltered life), you know Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. If my decorations don’t require at least 2 solids weekends of assembly, 20 extension cords and power inflation, it’s just not a successful holiday. Carol is already dreading it. She calls me the Chevy Chase of Halloween. Invariably one or 2 new blow up scary clowns or ghosts lead to blown fuses and decoration-induced injuries.
You see to get ready for Halloween, a trip to our attic is required. And if you think our garage is over-crowded, welcome to the attic. Every time I shove one more item up the rickety stairs, Carol mutters something about how much our sons will hate us when it comes time to unload their meager inheritance. But I digress …
Last year I added real-time sound effects aka me on my hidden microphone and an outdoor stereo system. So as I blasted decibel breaking haunted screams and moans, I also could beckon the little trick or treaters to come just a little bit closer. So to the scary delight of most, our giant Skeletor seemed to id some of the kids personally and invite them to take a bit more candy out of a zombie butler’s hands. Well, I’m not sure if it was just the lights and sound or me, but as soon as Peter heard, “Come a little closer Petey, give me your cape and shield.” He was off — down the driveway, down the street. I even heard his front door slam from 10 houses away. Carol thinks we now need a disclaimer on the driveway, “Candy at your own risk.” Or at the very least, we need to post a PG rating (Parental Guidance suggested.)
Sadly little Peter and his family moved away, but on the bright side, there’s a new family living there now who have 2 adorable kids … time to blow up Skeletor! Happy Halloween to all. 

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