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Monday August 10, 2020

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November 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 5


Publisher's Note

Mr. Charles Rides Again …

For those of you “old-timers” who remember Carol’s last brush with injury – the infamous rotator cuff – you’ll also remember how my alter-ego Mr. Charles rode to the rescue – my complete repertoire of personal beauty and housekeeping skills on full display. Well what can I say, except to paraphrase that famous “chanteuse” Britney Spears … “Oops she did it again!”  But this time, Carol decided to land on her head and now she can officially be entered into the Football Hall of “Concussive” Fame.
Our story begins with the impending arrival of Hurricane Matthew, which was reported to be a Stage 4 heading straight for the Southeast coast of Florida. We waited until the last minute, and then reluctantly put up our hurricane shutters, took in all the outdoor furniture and hunkered down to wait … well you know the story, the next day we were outside along with all our neighbors taking down shutters and cleaning up debris from the wind and rain. What tripped her up we do not know, but fall she did — her head making direct contact with our asphalt drive way. Like a well-rehearsed emergency response team, our neighbors took over, one calling 911, some helping me rouse her, our next door neighbor who is an RN keeping pressure on her bleeding head.
An ambulance ride, ER visit, stitches and a head CT later, Carol was admitted to Delray Medical Center for overnight observation. She had a terrible headache, no memory of what had happened, but was going to be okay. At this point I raced home to get her a few things that she would need overnight. I was touched to find that our shutters had been taken down and stacked neatly beside the garage and all the debris had mysteriously disappeared. I can never thank our neighbors enough for their help that day.
Carol came home the next day and I (Mr Charles) morphed into caregiver mode, taking charge of all the endless everyday tasks that Carol does without complaint. Cooking, laundry and dispensing medications for Carol’s Dad, all the while doing the full time work of co-publishing this newspaper.
A week later, Carol was back in the hospital with issues seemingly related to her fall, but glad to be back in the hands of the wonderful staff at Delray Medical Center. Thank you to all who took such good care of both of us.
We are home now, for good we think. Carol is slowly recovering, but it is painfully obvious that one does not just “bounce back” after a concussion. However I think I’ve seen the first sign of what is surely the “old Carol”, when she questioned my need for a GoPro drone from Best Buy. (Thought I could sneak it in while she was still woozy.)
Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes. Carol continues to benefit from round the clock “golden doodle” therapy and is doing better every day.

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