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Friday August 23, 2019

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May 2017 - Volume 13 - Issue 11




Publisher's Note

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly …

The Good in this case was actually getting to perform my special friend Peter’s wedding to the lovely Celeste; the Bad was definitely attempting to fly to Vegas for the wedding via the Delta meltdown; and the Ugly, without a doubt, was having to take two red eye flights in a 36-hour period.
First let me say, we probably over-prepared for this weekend getaway. Our original flights were booked back in the summer when the bride and groom first asked me to perform their ceremony. We even booked my sister-in-law Bobbi to fly down to handle any possible snags while we were away from South Florida. She would arrive Thursday morning, we would depart early on Friday morning, returning late Monday night. (Plenty of time for me to transform into Doctor of Divinity Charles or so I thought.) A total of at least 2.5 days in Vegas for the two of us, probably our first real getaway in close to two years.
But the best laid plans weren’t to be. The storm clouds started to gather on Wednesday (figuratively and literally) in the Southeast and Delta started to send out alerts. First Bobbi’s morning flight didn’t arrive in PBI until late Thursday evening, making for an anxious 12 hours. Then about 11:55 p.m. on Thursday night, we got a Delta text alert that our Friday a.m. flight to Vegas had been cancelled with NO alternative booking available. But considering I was performing the wedding ceremony, we were getting there if we had to hitchhike. But JetBlue came to our rescue with two seats on a Friday afternoon flight. We would miss the Friday night wedding festivities, but at least we’d be there for the important part on Saturday night. Unfortunately when we showed up for the JetBlue flight, it was delayed until almost midnight (Red eye #1). Then as Delta continued to cancel flights over the weekend and we realized our return on Monday morning was in jeopardy, we decided we’d better avoid Delta and grab seats on any available flight — hence Red eye #2.
But back to the Good part. I know I shouldn’t brag but I just can’t help myself. Peter and Celeste are married and I got rave reviews. I guess we’re too tired to remember the Bad and Ugly part, after all, what’s missing a little sleep between friends?

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