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September 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 3



Publisher's Note

Make Me An Offer!

I’ve decided shopping with Carol around is like hunting with a game warden! To her, everything on the shelf is an extinct animal that should be left untouched in its environment. Whereas I’m the big game hunter, eager, drooling in fact, for my next big (or little) purchase.  We’ve spent the last few weekends cleaning out the closets, the garage, etc. and in general getting rid of, in Carol’s words — just plain junk. We even got our grandkids in on the action, making our house a miniature Chuck E. Cheese, with Papa Charles paying them with raffle tickets for each toy they were willing to donate to our “give away” pile. 
But where some might see organization, I only see a void that makes me itch to fill it once again. And now I have the luxury of Offer Up, the online mobile marketplace for sellers and buyers. Some people binge watch Game of Thrones … I binge watch Offer Up, or as Carol likes to call it —Impulsivity Meets Stupidity. It used to be the ring of the cash register that lit me up, and now it’s the chime of Offer Up.
Has every purchase worked out perfectly? Probably not, especially when size is important. For example, this weekend we were was in the market for a new desk and lo and behold … a desk appeared on Offer Up. Well, you know the etching on your car side mirror: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” In the case of Offer Up, merchandise in the pictures may be smaller, significantly smaller, than they appear. And despite Carol’s repeated admonitions to ask for dimensions, I have to admit I am now the not-so proud owner of two desks, which if pushed together might almost hold my computer and multiple monitors. So hopefully the next chime I hear will be someone wanting to purchase two compact desks for very small people.
Notice to all sellers: Carol will be out of town during the Labor Day sales this year. So it will be just me, Gabby, the Labor Day sales circulars and, of course, Offer Up. Start listing. 

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