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Wednesday August 15, 2018

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February 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 8



Publisher's Note


It’s finally happened. I’m trapped in an episode of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in which Carol has been replaced with a temporary free-spending clone. Remember in our family, Carol is the Queen of No Frivolous Birthday Celebrations. So just last week with my birthday only days away, I totally expected my annual shirt and tie combo or maybe even a new Apple watch strap from Carol.
And so, you cannot possibly imagine my surprise (more like shock) when Carol (or should I say the Carol clone) arranged with all my kids and father-in-law to get me the only thing I might possibly want but would never buy for myself … an IPhone X! Yes, the woman who never met a penny she couldn’t find some reason to save actually signed the credit card slip, picked it up and wrapped it, without once thinking about Returns. In my defense, I’ve been really good lately, putting up with my old IPhone 6 despite its listless battery and unreliable touchscreen since we were still enduring various unplanned Hurricane Irma repairs.
And yet, here I am playing relentless peekaboo with my new phone’s amazing Face ID feature, trying to pretend I’m my malicious identical twin and outsmart the technology. But certainly more important, I now have an iPhone capable of dependably receiving an incoming call, transmitting emails, and holding my 256 gig’s worth of contact information, not to mention 250 “absolutely” crucial apps.
So last night as I lay in bed training my emojis to speak and sending out talking monkey texts, I am a happy little “Apple” junkie. And by the way, if you hear about the IPhone Y or Z coming out, better not tell Carol. 

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