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Sunday August 25, 2019

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August 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 2




Publisher's Note

No Job Is Finished Until the Paperwork Is Complete …

So I bet you think this will be a serious treatise on the importance of completing your work on time, meeting deadlines,etc. In the words of the great John McEnroe, “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?” But in all honesty, important deadlines like getting the paper out on time and into your mailboxes — that’s definitely not in my job description. Remember, I’m just the “pretty face.” Those other jobs have Carol written all over them.
No, the type of paperwork I’m referring to is of a much more practical variety in everyday life … my search for the perfect toilet paper holder. You see I’m a lefty and in our less than palatial bathrooms, twisting and turning to access toilet paper has always been a struggle. (Or in Carol’s words, “Get a life!”) I’ve even gone so far as to sketch out my idea of the perfect paper holder … but Carol quickly said it looked like something from her great grandmother’s outhouse. But I’ve finally found it, I really did. Yes, it took several weeks of web surfing, numerous phone calls — some even to such far 
flung places as Taiwan and Singapore. But I finally found it and my official Toilet Paper Slider hails from our neighbors in Canada. And the operative word is Slider.
Now many of you may not even give a moment’s notice to the location of toilet paper (like my wife). But, first off, I’m a lefty and our main bathroom isn’t exactly large which means it sometimes takes quite a bit of agility just to tear off the appropriate amount of sheets. Enter my new TP Slider. Just attach it to the side of your vanity next to the toilet and when paper needs to be dispensed, slide the roll attachment out and voila … no obstacles in sight. Now, it did take a bit of subterfuge to get the actual product over the border (aka my Canadian daughter-in-law’s Mom Jean), but now that it’s here — it’s a keeper and I’ve even ordered another one. (Let’s just hope they don’t stick a tariff on it before it arrives …) 

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