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Tuesday January 21, 2020

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June 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 12




Publisher's Note

Ready or Not …

Hurricane season in Florida runs June through November — and ask any Floridian, it’s an extremely long 6 months. Weather reports seem endless and every forecast of a white blob hundreds of miles away seems to stress 2 things: 1. Don’t panic; and 2. Panic! The blob is definitely coming for you and its arrival won’t be good.
In the Felix house, June 1st usually means Carol gets out her magnifying glass to check the expiration dates on soup and fruit cocktail and even batteries. So, while others are grilling baked beans on Memorial Day, Carol and I are cleaning out the back closet, tossing old supplies and throwing cans of those dangerous baked beans out. Carol’s the type who wears safety gloves when handling expired food, so needless to say we don’t have much carryover. But at least this year, instead of tossing the expired water we used it to water the plants.
Luckily in South Florida, last year was pretty quiet. We had a couple of false alarms but nothing like the Panhandle. Of course, this didn’t stop Carol from uttering the one question she asks each year, “How long will it take to get our hurricane shutters out of the braces on the garage wall and installed?” I’m convinced she’s decided that as I get older, the time will increase. (One more thing she’s probably right about …)
But you know me, when life gives me lemons (or hurricane predictions), it’s time to buy some lemonade. Or in this case, shop for the hurricane supplies I can’t live without this season. I’ve already decided it’s time to upgrade my gasoline pumping system for our generator, so investing in a bigger and better battery-operated pump is definitely in my future. And no doubt, while Carol is out shopping for more canned tuna fish and Spaghetti O’s, I’ll be browsing the aisles of Best Buy and surfing on Amazon for more hurricane gadgets we CAN’T live without.

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