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Sunday July 5, 2020

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August 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 2

Publisher's Note

First, They Steal Your Heart. Then They Steal Your Bed.

And for the past 13 years, it hasn’t bothered me a bit. Gabby, the miraculous Doodle and holder of our hearts is now 13 and fueled by a mainly ignored vet-approved dog food (and an occasional McDonald’s cheeseburger and peanut butter), we hope she keeps on going. However, one persistent problem that’s crept up in the last year is her inability to get on or off our unusually high king-size bed. (Put it this way, when Carol sat on the bed her feet dangled a good 3-4 inches from the floor – it was that high.) We tried the ramp and dog step route but with her poor vision, I still ended up doing most of the dog lifting.
Then came Carol’s lightbulb moment! Our bed is about 25 years old and has gone through many design alterations. What started as a four poster, later became a two-poster bed; then the foot board went and don’t even get me started on how many different colors/finishes it’s been. So, continuing in that vein, Carol decided it was time to cut it down to size … hobbit size. Quickly, I headed to Lowe’s to get the necessary equipment (not exactly a hardship for me) and got down to business. Using car jacks to lift the bed, we sawed off the legs and “Voila!” — a platform bed.
So, although we all still sleep comfy in a king-size bed, we’re much closer to the floor now … about 8 inches closer. Basically, Gabby literally just takes one big step and she’s off or on with no problems. (And me, well let’s just say that first morning was a bit of a shock when I quite literally “rolled” out of bed.
The things we do for our kids …

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