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February 2007 - Volume 3 - Issue 8

Hampton Inn

Publisherís Note

An interesting thing about golf is that no matter how badly you play; it is always possible to get worse.

I know, I know. A few short months ago I was moaning and groaning over a lack of hobbies. Well, now Iíve gone and done it. Iíve taken up golf. With my 56th birthday rapidly approaching, I decided it was time to join the very adult and civilized world of golf Ė the gentlemenís game.

The question is: Can I learn to play the game before someone figures out this old guy could be more dangerous than the late, great golfer President Gerald Ford? So far I havenít really injured anyone yet, unless you count Carolís foot which was under my golf bag as it fell out of the back of our SUV. And then there was the cart catastrophe, when Drew didnít get in quick enough, but that resulted in just a minor abrasion.

One good thing Iíve found is when playing with golfers of equal experience, you end up having lots of time to observe your surroundings and "smell the roses." After all, how much time does club selection take on a 9-hole executive course! My most profound observation: Palm trees eat golf balls. Yes, those trees may look streamlined and South Florida greens pristine, but finding my golf ball is like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. You see, Iím a lefty. So if everyone elseís ball goes left, mine always goes in the opposite direction.

Which naturally brings me to my equipment requirements - I could really use that golf ball GPS. Not to mention, the shoe bags I purchased and quickly returned. In my initial hysteria to outfit my new hobby, I found some shoe bags to fit my relatively small golf shoes (I only wear a 7.5.) Carol delighted in pointing out that although she knew I was broad minded, I might want to find bags not embroidered "Ladies."

But the good news is I can now participate in all those great golf foursomes and tournaments. Rather than being the "go to" guy manning the Closest to the Hole or the beer cart, I can now be a participant. I just know youíll all be calling me soon Ė Carolís even suggested I might need a new appointment PDA just to keep my golf dates straight.

So speaking as a golfer with a handicap easily in triple digits, let me close with this very astute observation by the late Yogi Berra and my new mantra:

"80 percent of the balls that donít reach the hole, donít go in."

Charles Felix, Publisher

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