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Friday August 23, 2019

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May 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 11




Publisher’s Note

While the Chinese may have termed 2008 the Year of the Rat, I have christened it the "Year of the 100-Calories." No matter where I turn, I see packages marked "only 100 calories." And sadly (for me anyway), many of them are in the Felix pantry.

But first, you need a little background. One of my all-time favorite treats is a Drake’s coffee cake. I basically grew up on them in Brooklyn, only to go almost 3 decades without when I lived in Atlanta. Then we moved to South Florida and like magic, I found them again. At first, I probably overdid it, so much so that Carol found it necessary to restrict me to the low-fat version – and I was okay with this somewhat healthier substitute. But sometimes, a man has to draw the proverbial line in the sand (or should I say kitchen?)

Last Friday, Carol went food shopping. Probably my first mistake, since Carol can go through an entire Publix and come home with one bag of groceries, including dog and cat food (what normal person can do that, I ask?) But I digress. Actually, she came home quite excited, anxious to show me the package of cinnamon streusel coffee cakes she had found that were – you guessed it – only 100 calories per pack of three cakes. Let me first say – Carol is a really smart person (if truth be known, a flat out genius) but even an Einstein can have a "blonde" moment. So, the Blonde (as she was affectionately called for the rest of weekend) presented me with a little square box (5-3/4 x 5-3/4 inches to be exact) that supposedly contained six packs of three cakes. It was then I think it dawned on her that by no stretch of the imagination could 18 cakes of any respectable size be inside – unless it was the Hostess version of those old shrunken seahorses that expand when placed in water. But, hey a cake is a cake I thought — until I actually opened the box. I now know who’s using all those discarded Easy Bake ovens of my youth. It was like eating a coffee cake from a Barbie kitchen — and only a Ken doll could have stretched it to two bites.

I guess the only good news is that now that my "dessert time" has been compressed into about 30 seconds, I have a lot more free time. Time to sit around and reminisce about the good old days when men were men and well … cakes were BIGGER!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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