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Friday October 30, 2020

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March 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 9


Publisher’s Note

Many are chosen, but few come when you call them. Canines/Felines 1: 3-5

Money might buy a pretty good pet, but it won’t make them wag their tail … or cuddle up in your lap … or pace at the front door, waiting for you to finally get home from one too many meetings. But lately I’ve worried, "What if our connection is all treats and toys?"

With today’s economic downturn (perhaps nosedive would be more accurate), Gabby - the First Dog is getting a bit worried too. Although she has yet to master reading the Breaking Economic News on my computer (you see, she can’t stick her head out of Windows Vista), I think she got a pretty good idea that "the times they are a changing," when Carol brought home some generic chew toys the other day. In the past, Gabby’s toy of choice was a chocolate-flavored Nylabone, which can cost a pretty awesome $12.99 at the local dogmart! And considering they don’t last too long, well you see where I’m going here. Even the first dog has to make some sacrifices. So back to Carol’s generic chews – no chocolate flavor, no giant size, basically no bells and whistles.

And then there’s Tigger, our 13-year-old Devon Rex cat who’s been terminally ill since he was 3 months old! I think his first vet said he had a hole in his heart that rivaled the Lincoln Tunnel – hence, we’ve spent the last 13 years treating him like a King. But King treatment gets a bit expensive, so does this new Felix frugality mean no more sodium-free turkey for the old guy?? But instead of limiting his turkey treat, we decided we would just replace his premium dry food with an equally nutritious, but significantly cheaper store brand.

But last Monday, Carol and I noticed an air of mystery about them. And although Gabby and Tigger even ordinarily are pretty inseparable, we began to realize that every time we walked into a room, Tigger stopped meowing and Gabby look wide-eyed. Then Monday night, we realized Gabby’s two new chew toys were nowhere to be found. We scoured the house and even Carol (who is part bloodhound) couldn’t find them. And around 3 a.m., Tigger decided to knock his bowl of dry generic food onto the floor from the kitchen counter. It was at this point, Carol and I realized a conspiracy was afoot (or is it apaw?) And when we found Gabby’s chew toys ensconced in Tig’s litter box the next morning – well draw your own conclusions.

Obviously, Gabby and Tigger’s response to the Felix Frugality Plan was guerrilla (or should I say gorilla) warfare. And so, in the interest of maintaining peace and harmony in our "little animal kingdom," the chocolate nylabones and the premium cat chow are back. I’ll say goodbye now … gotta go, I’m having cereal for dinner!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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