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Sunday June 13, 2021

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April 2012 - Volume 8 - Issue 10

Publisher's Note

My New Rug
Just to be clear, this Publisher’s Note is not about my visit to the “Hair Club for Men,” it is instead about the 4-hour odyssey the Felix Family spent trying to position a new area rug under our couch. Allow me to set the stage.
The Cast of Characters:
1. The Muscle – my son Andrew and me
2. The Decorator – Carol
3. The Immoveable Object – our Cindy Crawford 4-piece sectional leather couch
4. The Moveable Object – our new 12 x 14 flat weave rug
The Story:
In a perfect world, a rug would arrive before a 1,000 pound couch – but hey, you know how this stuff happens. According to Carol, positioning the rug under the couch was going to be a slam dunk. We would just separate each couch section, move it to a different part of the house, position the rug, reverse the procedure, etc. But this wasn’t my first “rodeo” when it came to Carol’s redecorating. No one else in the world has her ability to minimize complications and difficulties when it comes to moving furniture or hanging pictures. (I’ll save the pictures for another month.) As clear-headed and decisive as she is in business, her “blonde” definitely emerges when it comes to home décor. You would think I would have learned after moving into our 4th floor walk-up more than 40 years ago. (I believed her about saving money on a moving company that time too.)
So, back to our story. Our major problem became evident pretty quickly. The couch didn’t, wouldn’t, apparently couldn’t, separate into those sections that Cindy sold us a few years ago. After 30 minutes of struggle, all I could think about was the axe in the garage and putting the “section” into our sectional. Realizing that we would have to move the couch as one gigantic unit, we spent more than a few hours sweating and straining, attempting to jam the rug under the couch. We did get it done, it does look great and it will never be moved!
The After Story:
I’ll make this brief … ice/heat, Bengay, the realization I can’t afford a divorce!

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