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Monday March 1, 2021

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June 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 12


Publisher's Note

Call Me Mister Charles …
Sometimes amid difficult circumstances, heroes emerge. And while I’m certainly hoping our resolve isn’t tested like others during this hurricane season, we have our own little “trauma” going on in the Felix household. You see when you take one extremely right-handed woman like Carol and put her in a sling for several months, our household tends to shake a bit.
As many of you know (especially if you read my May Publisher’s Note and if you didn’t, why not?), Carol had a little run-in with a loose bicycle pedal, resulting in a nasty shoulder injury. When I finally dragged my extremely reluctant spouse to the orthopedist for a diagnosis, the writing was pretty much on the OR wall. As opposed to beach and boating, our summertime pretty much would be filled with surgery and rehab.
But it is times like these that call for heroes and guess who swooped in … me. First it was just the simple things — getting her safely in and out of the car; doing our post office runs, and opening all those jars and bottles which eluded her functional left hand. Then she upped the ante a bit and chopping her salads and carrying the laundry, groceries and packages became the new norm.
And then I really earned my Superman cape. You see Carol has long hair, really long hair which needs to be blown dried almost every day and put into a pony tail, a style impossible for her to achieve with only one arm. Do you see where this is going? We had two choices — either she opted for a radical haircut or I had to learn how to master her hair. And believe it or not, with relatively little tutelage from my daughter-in-law Tori, I am now the master of the Up Do. I can do ponytails, buns, even a casual knot. I guess my next challenge is her make-up! I’m seriously thinking a “smoky eye” and red lip color for fall. Just call me Mister Charles.
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