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Friday February 26, 2021

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October 2013 - Volume 10 - Issue 4


Publisher's Note

Just call me Doctor Charles!
I know I shouldn’t brag but I just can’t help myself. I just enjoyed the ultimate honor … I got to marry (as in perform the ceremony of) my wonderful niece/god-daughter Ali and her guy Alex before a crowd of 200+ at the Four Seasons in Atlanta. And I got rave reviews. What a treat! Carol says I am still basking in the glow (… and to please get over it.)
Last year when Ali and Alex first asked me to officiate, I was a bit unsure. But once I realized I could go online and become a Doctor of Divinity, the whole thing seemed like a piece of cake (wedding cake that is). Sure I made jokes about my attire. White robe? Velvet? Gold chains? I made jokes about my “grand entrance,” imagining tolling bells and a choir rising up. But what started out as a lark quickly became an important responsibility. And in the end, it did turn out to be one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.  
However, little did I know, my script, not to mention my attire, would need to go through several approval processes; and I would be expected (by Carol anyway) to practice my lines — especially after she realized I was still learning Version 2 instead of Version 3. All I can say is thank goodness for the rehearsal the night before. But with the help of my trusty iPad, it was smooth sailing.
By the way if anyone would like to borrow my Clergy Parking hangtag, it’s available. And all of you thought I was just a pretty face!

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