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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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January 2014 - Volume 10 - Issue 7


Publisher's Note

2014: Year of the BOGO

Yes, according to the Chinese, 2014 is the Year of the Horse, one of the most energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and capable signs in the Chinese zodiac (and I think this year will call for all of these attributes and then some … at least when it comes to our healthcare industry.) But as far as we’re concerned, especially around the Felix house, it will be the Year of the BOGO!

For all her frugality, Carol never quite mastered the art of cooking. She makes a mean salad, incredible appetizers and even an edible dessert or two, but there tends to be a pretty big hole in our menu – namely the entrée! There’s even an amusing family story about Carol “taking out” the entire Felix/Newman clan with some lethal sausage manicotti (before we all wised up and checked on the origination of a main dish first.) And as for me — although my mom Shirley made me into a crackerjack Mr. Fix It and Mr. Clean, her food repertoire was pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen. So what does all this mean? Basically, we eat out an awful lot, definitely too much for our 2014 slim and trim budget, both fiscally and physically. And that’s where the BOGO aka Buy One, Get One Free offer, enters into the picture.
We’ve always fit in pretty well in South Florida, since our kids delight in reminding us we like to eat dinner when they’re finishing their late lunches. So frequenting Early Bird specials is a common Felix occurrence. But now, Carol insists on combining coupons too. Under the best of circumstances, Carol has never met a Buy One, Get One Free meal offer she doesn’t think we should use. So can you imagine her stress in these trying economic times? Much like Ike and the Allied Forces planning D-Day (note to readers — I never get to play Ike), she charts our meal itineraries. With a bulletin board littered with coupons and offers, she plots our next culinary repast based on expiration dates and the offers’ fine print. But what about cravings and favorite foods, you might ask? In Carol’s words, “Get over it, food is food.” Basically, I live with a person minus taste buds. With the exception of chocolate (which she gave up cold turkey 33 years ago and pizza — her idea of the perfect meal, hot or cold), she eats to live. This, of course, is in direct opposition to my philosophy of “live to eat.”
At this point, many of you may be asking why I put up with this tyranny. Easy answer: it’s a lot easier living with a happy Carol than a grumpy one! (You may recall that this is my fundamental philosophy regarding almost all aspects of life.)
And so, as we say goodbye to this rollercoaster of a year, I wish you all good health, more wealth and peace in 2014, not to mention — tons of BOGO coupons!  

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