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Wednesday August 5, 2020

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April 2014 - Volume 10 - Issue 10


Publisher's Note

Welcome to the Hotel Felix
If I ever get the urge to expand my business empire (already I can picture Donald Trump shaking in his boots so violently that his hair becomes disheveled) I have the perfect venture: The Felix B&B. Our motto: “Where the food ain’t great, but there’s lots of it.”
This revelation came to me around mid-March, when I realized I could no longer tell one houseguest from another without a scorecard. It all started in late February when my sister-in-law Bobbi and brother-in-law Bob visited, desperately seeking a break from the unpredictable Atlanta weather. Every family has one. The one relative that defies normal description, doesn’t fit onto his appointed branch on the family tree … well, meet my brother-in-law Bob! In terms of “shtick,” Bob is out on a limb all his own. But I have to say, after 40 years in the family, we’ve pretty much figured him out. Hand him the TV remote, a dog to walk, a pool to swim in, and an endless supply of food, and he morphs into the perfect guest. Just don’t ask him to lift, move or repair ANYTHING! Bob’s idea of pitching in is turning on a light switch.
Then we got to spend some time with our son Josh and his wife Tori (our very own Canadian import). Fortunately for them, the weather cooperated and we even managed to get a little sand in our shoes. We even celebrated Josh’s 36th birthday without Gabby devouring the whole cake.
Shortly after their departure, we had much too short of a visit with Carol’s Uncle Jack and her cousin Jim on their way to Nationals Spring Training. Jim’s tech skills make mine look like Sesame Street, so you can imagine how much fun I had with him. He even got one of my solar watches operating after a mere 3 hours —talk about the patience of a saint. And what can I say about Jack? He’s a brilliant man (much too smart for me) who manages to make the word “eccentric” a noun, not an adjective. Basically when Jack comes to town, we know we will spend at least 50 percent of his visit returning to stores and restaurants searching for the man bag he’s managed to forget.
But despite our revolving door, Carol and I enjoy having people stay with us. We realized a long time ago that the best way to take the edge off such a rapid succession of visits is to just relax and enjoy the moment. All family members and friends know that we live by the credo … be prepared and be flexible. We keep the fridge loaded, the pool clean, and we “suggest” everyone pitch in to help. (Hey, you want room service? The only amenities we provide are the wake-up call of Gabby’s barking or Carol’s computer.) After all, if you live in Florida, you expect your home to be a preferred destination. Besides if a pesky hurricane ever forces Carol and me to evacuate, we’ve got some nice places from which to choose.
By the way, we’ve had a lull in “reservations” this week … so, if you’re in the neighborhood, pack your pajamas and come on over, we’ll keep the light on!
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