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Thursday August 6, 2020

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June 2014 - Volume 10 - Issue 12


Publisher's Note

I “Shutter” to Think …
that it’s hurricane season again. Just when I’ve finished the last cans of soup and baked beans before they expire, Carol says it’s time to load up once again. But let’s face it, in our house a hurricane tax holiday means bring on the batteries (because if there’s a gadget sold to enhance the “hurricane” experience, you know I have it.) So while others were grilling their Memorial Day hotdogs, I was making a list, checking it twice … hold on, wrong holiday! Anyway, ever since we organized the garage in 2013, we actually have 3 entire shelves devoted exclusively to batteries. You name it —we’ve got it — A’s, AA’s, AAA’s, and especially C’s and D’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that the purchase price of most of the things powered by D’s is cheaper than the batteries needed.
But, even worse, is Carol’s attack on the food supplies. She believes expiration dates are the Holy Grail. In fact, if something is within a few months of the date, she wants to handle the cans with tongs and safety gloves. So needless to say, we don’t usually have much carryover from season to season. The craziest part though is disposing of bottled water. Since when did water expire?
Of course, I’m just superstitious enough NOT to want to mention it’s been several years since we’ve had a major one so we’re probably all in a state of storm inertia. How many times can we listen to the weather forecasters worry about possible storms in the Azores? To me the shirt sleeves should not get rolled up until storms are only 200 miles away at least. (Although Carol’s idea of hurricane predictability is when Jim Cantore shows up in his slicker.) When Jim arrives, the shutters at the Felix house go up!
But luckily, June has other much more positive events to contemplate … like the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association’s 2014 Annual Healthcare Summit. Held on June 19-20 at the Signature Grand in Davie, this year’s Summit will focus on “Quantity & Quality, Cost & Benefit: How To Get What We Pay For!" and offers something for everyone whether you’re a member of a Hospital or Healthcare System, a healthcare educator, healthcare-affiliated professional or vendor. If you are one of the thousands (and I do not exaggerate) who have participated in our SFHNG networking events over the past three years, then you won’t want to miss the Summit either. Remember ROI does not mean instant gratification … but to even be in the game — you have to show up on the field!
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