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August 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 2



Publisher's Note

It’s Amazing What You Can Get for 2¢ An Acre …
Yes, I know that was back in 1867, but after our Alaskan experience last month, boy did we get a bargain when we bought Alaska from the Russians. As I’m sure you all know by now, I am rarely at a loss for words, but when it comes to Alaska, it’s impossible to pick just a couple — how about fabulous, amazing, pristine, enervating, beautiful, (and in the interest of full disclosure — expensive.) Or more simply, we had the best vacation ever!
Yes, the weather was a bit wet and chilly (an understatement according to Carol), but we went armed with fleeces, rain slickers, and the carefree attitude necessary to enjoy a trip like this. Let’s face it, when it’s 5 a.m., raining, 45 degrees and your ship is cruising through skyscraper tall fjords and glaciers, you check your vanity and worldly concerns at the door. We were even too “into” the experience to dress for dinner – so for me it was the perfect vacation. And did I mention I took a “few” cameras with me? Just ask one of our fellow cruisers on the balcony 2 decks below when my Go-Pro decided to pay him an unexpected visit!
But the highlight of our week had to be our helicopter excursion to the Juneau ice fields and the dog sled camp. Yes, we probably could have bought our own helicopter for the price of the excursion … but once again, it was a “we’ll never get this chance again” moment. So after a remarkable 20-minute copter ride through what seemed to be the tallest snow-capped mountains in the world, we landed directly on one of the snow-covered glaciers in the midst of the camp. Comprised of 180 dogs and 10 humans, it was like a miniature city of white igloos with extremely noisy residents.
My first order of business was to strap my Go Pro camera to my head and before we knew it, we were off and mushing! Both Carol and I had a great time as first time mushers, although I have to admit I had a bit of trouble with the brake. You see, the only way to really stop the dogs is to step onto metal blades that eat into the snow and ice and you need to be pretty quick about it. Well, when I went to switch positions with Carol, I didn’t quite have the hang of it. Let’s just say the video of Carol flying 100 feet backwards into the snowdrift is really pretty funny … because if it would happen to anyone it would be her! But at least she had on so many layers she bounced like a beach ball. (Disclaimer – no wives were injured in the making of my video.)
We had such a good time that we are seriously thinking about what we would do on our second trip there. So for any readers looking for an amazing adventure in the good old USA, pack your rain boots and your fleece and go and see Alaska for yourselves. And if you see a guy loaded up with cameras following a cute blonde woman dressed like Nanook of the North, come say hi, it will probably be us!
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