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Saturday July 11, 2020

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June 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 12

Publishers Note: I "shutter" to think Ö

I "shutter" to think Ö

that itís hurricane season again. (Pardon, my pun.) But, just when Iíve finished the last cans of soup and baked beans before they expire, Carol says itís time to load up once again. So while others were grilling their Memorial Day hotdogs, I was taking stock of our hurricane closet and the pickings were pretty slim. Carol believes expiration dates are the Holy Grail. In fact, if something is within a few months of the date, she wants to handle the can with tongs and safety gloves! So needless to say, we donít usually have much carryover from season to season. The craziest part though is disposing of bottled water. Since when did water expire?

Last summer, we had the Hurricane Season that wasnít. In fact, I started to think my arthritic knee knew more about the incoming storms than the weather guys. Could it be all that hairspray fogs their brains? (Of course considering the fact Iím pretty follicle-challenged, Carol says thatís sour grapes.) But like everyone else, I canít resist all the weather guys in rolled up sleeves and loosened ties predicting the next big one. There was one point during a forecast last year; I contemplated pulling a Noah (as in building an ark). Even worse, I even lugged the shutters out of the garage Ö which for Carol is tantamount to boarding the Titanic. Luckily, of course, it was a false alarm, but I still think shutter drills are an important part of the hurricane prep. I really enjoy bloody knuckles, not to mention drilling completely through to the master bedroom sheetrock when I decide to make it easier to screw in the shutters. I defy anyone ó anyone ó to put up shutters and not get at least one injury!

But you know me, when life gives me lemons; itís time to buy some lemonade. And this seasonís lemonade is my search for a digital, battery-operated TV. Since analog TV disappears on June 12, all of the great little battery TVs that we bought at the drugstores are pretty much useless. So now Iím looking for a replacement to go along with the 2 million D batteries purchased by yours truly for Y2K. Why is it the only thing that seems to use D batteries are these little TVs? And while Iím out shopping, I guess I should find some nifty waterproof containers for my Tamiflu!

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