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test 2

September 2005 - Volume 2 - Issue 3


Publisher’s Note - And the Beat Goes On …

One of the unexpected perks that comes with publishing a healthcare newspaper is that once in awhile I’m invited to be a guinea pig of sorts. Such an opportunity presented itself recently when Boca Raton Community Hospital invited me to experience firsthand its new 64-slice CT cardiac scan. As they explained it, this latest technological wonder is a noninvasive way for a physician to examine a patient’s heart in three dimensions.

The cool, professional, business side of me immediately appreciated this overture as a chance to participate in cutting-edge healthcare technology. But I gotta tell ya, as soon as I hung up the phone, it was the immature "Charley" who pumped his fist in the air a half dozen times and yelled, "Field Trip!" Getting in the spirit, Carol said something about packing the Tin Man a lunch ‘cause he was going to Oz to find his heart. (I know it didn’t make a lot of sense but, hey, Carol is big on analogies.)

The entire staff at Boca Raton couldn’t have been nicer; they really spread out the red carpet (or, to maintain the Oz analogy, the Yellow Brick Road.) A little squirt of iodine was all I needed before they slipped me in the scanner and said, "Cheese." Actually, they just began clicking away and in about 15 minutes, I was done. Then, Dr. Hugo J. Montes, II, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging at the Hospital, invited us to view the results. Watching Dr. Montes click on color images of my heart from every conceivable angle was truly amazing. Like roads on a street map, he followed my vessels and arteries and even showed me my lungs. But I have to admit, watching this gifted physician rotate pictures of my heart, exploring its nooks and crannies, was a lot like watching my sons play a video game. I half expected to hear some mechanical victory music as he typed his initials on the screen alongside the day’s high score.

But my biggest thrill came when the demonstration ended and Dr. Montes handed me a CD of my heart scan to take home to thrill my friends and family. (Note to visitors who enjoy visiting us in South Florida: In lieu of the mandatory slide show of my latest vacation, you will now be expected to watch my 3D heart scan—and to "ooh," "ahh" and applaud in all the appropriate places. Oh, and copies will soon be available for a nominal fee on the South Florida Hospital News web site.)

Of course, it goes without saying, for those very few of you who have ever questioned if I even have a heart, quit wondering. I now have proof. Oh, and Dr. Montes said it’s even in A-OK working order.

On a serious note, I deeply appreciate Dr. Montes and the staff at Boca Raton Community Hospital for their hospitality and for the opportunity to see, first hand, what a marvelous tool the 64-slice CT scanner is. I never stop marveling at the quality of health care available in our region, and this is just the latest example. (And even better, I didn’t have to squeeze into the ruby slippers!)

Charles Felix, Publisher

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