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Thursday August 6, 2020

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December 2006 - Volume 3 - Issue 6

Publisher’s Note - Ho Ho … Hanukah

With apologies to Carl Sandburg, if "The fog comes on little cat feet," then the holidays tend to trample us like a herd of buffalo! To be honest, when Carol sent me out for some extra Halloween candy in late October, I mistakenly returned with a bag of Christmas candy. (Who knew you had to read Hershey’s Kisses labels?) And then there was that day early in November when Carol proclaimed it officially the Holiday Season. She had gotten her first Diet Coke can out of our fridge that had the white polar bears on it.

We never did big Chanukah celebrations, even when the boys were at home. We would let them choose one large gift, sign a contract agreeing that was enough, and we were done. (If you think I’m kidding, ask our old neighbors back in Atlanta!) In our house we discovered early on that 8 nights of Chanukah were tantamount to bankruptcy and we tried desperately not to become candidates. Of course, there was that one Christmas holiday when we were up in Quebec City with the boys (another long story) and decided to break the budget, only to return from a snowmobile outing to a cleaned out hotel room. That was some bilingual robbery report. And just between you and me, there was Chrismakkuh 2004 when Carol decided to make potato latkes in the oven. We were able to put out the fire and the smoke damage wasn’t too bad. But the emergency room bill for my poor lungs was quite a shock!

And then we come to our Holiday 2007, more appropriately termed the first holidays that our granddaughter Mackenzie really loves presents! As of this writing it is only early December, and I have already assembled three Fisher Price surprises and had to clear out room in our once-again overflowing garage for more boxes. I think we have officially joined the ranks of insane grandparents.

And while I’m in the holiday spirit, I really hope you enjoy receiving our publication each month, reading about your healthcare community’s achievements and challenges, heroes and heroines. Carol and I and our entire staff truly enjoy what we do each and every month. And we like to think that we’ve established the type of relationship with our readers that we can suggest a little Holiday gift to add to your list. So when next you need any goods or services, look through our 48 pages and give one of our advertisers an opportunity to work with you – and tell them Charles sent you! Remember without all of them, there is definitely no South Florida Hospital News.

So whether you celebrate with a Christmas Goose or a Gefilte Goose, say Feliz Navidad or Happy Kwanzaa, have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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