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November 2006 - Volume 3 - Issue 5




Publisherís Note - "Meeting" A Challenge!

When Carol called me "positively ubiquitous" last week, I must confess I had to check my dictionary. (She has a "bad" habit of throwing $100 words at me just to catch me off guard! So, yes, I am a 55-year-old guy who needs a dictionary to communicate with his wife.) Anyway, after a visit to the old reference library, I deduced that she was referring to my penchant for joining and being active in a wide variety of professional and charitable organizations. Never one to join an organization and disappear, I truly believe that the only way to get an ROI out of any membership, whether it is a personal ROI or a financial one, is to get involved. And lucky for me, South Florida is a goldmine of relevant associations and charities.

I know that carving time away from home and work can be difficult, but because Iím an early riser, a 7 a.m. meeting is a breeze. I am constantly amazed at how much can be accomplished in a well-run, efficient meeting Ė even if the sun is barely up. Throw in a bagel or a donut, and Iím in hog heaven! But attendance at these meetings is a two-way street. You definitely have to "give to get." In my case, my first inclination is always to recommend or personally employ the services of someone I know from these various associations. I also pride myself on being something of a "matchmaker." No, Iím not in competition with, but I do like getting two business associates together. In fact with each new contact I make, I try to figure out if thereís anyone else who would benefit from a "match" with this individual. As of this writing, no one Iíve "matched" has gotten married or made a million together, but who knows?

These associations also provide a form of continuing education for all of us in the healthcare industry. No one person can be expected to keep current on all of the issues facing us on a daily basis. But rest assured if I have a question or concern, someone in one of my groups has some insight or knowledge, or can point me toward the right contact. Carol has compared me to a giant Rolodex. Of course, I thought she said Rolex, and had to go back to my dictionary again.

So whether itís serving on a workforce housing shortage committee in Dade County on Monday morning or a weekly Chamber meeting in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, I stay pretty busy. And according to Carol, the added bonus is that yes, it keeps me out of the house and her hair.

So the next time youíre trying to decide if you really want to "do" another meeting, come on and get involved. You never know Ė they may have donuts!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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