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Monday August 10, 2020

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September 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 3

Quantum Innovations Delivers Transformative IT Solutions for the Florida Healthcare Industry

Politicians, providers, patients, payors – everyone has something to say about the problems plaguing America’s vast, complex healthcare industry. It’s everybody’s concern, and the personal experience of the healthcare system, from the perspective of both the patient and the provider, is one of frustration, stress and anxiety – even when the care is good and the outcome is favorable.

That frustration and stress stem largely from the enormous systemic inefficiencies that encumber the delivery of healthcare in hospitals, community settings and physician practices. From duplication and long waiting periods to excessive documentation and barriers to communication, healthcare in America is fragmented where it should be seamless, tedious when it ought to be fast and wasteful when it should be economical. Pete Martinez is Senior Vice-president and Chief Technology and Innovations Officer for Quantum Innovations, a division of The Quantum Group of Companies. Quantum is a Wellington-based company that provides customized business solutions to health care providers throughout Florida. According to Martinez, this "efficiency gap" has a $600 billion dollar price tag, and is the root of the primary problems within the nation’s largest and fastest growing industry: the soaring cost of care, inconsistent access to care, and an abundance of errors.

Despite dazzling and futuristic advances in clinical technology, research and treatment, healthcare is an industry that is mired in slow, paper-based 20th century systems, Martinez states; these arcane and inefficient systems impede operations at every level, in both the clinical and administrative realms and, most significantly, prevent healthcare organizations and the country as a whole from achieving the highest possible level of excellence in quality of care.

The problem is profound, but the solution already exists, says Martinez. The American healthcare industry, he believes, needs immediate intervention in the form of innovative information technology initiatives that will expedite and streamline the flow of systems in both clinical and administrative operations, transforming the experience of both provider and consumer. That technology has existed for years in other industries, he says, and is readily adaptable to the complexities of healthcare. His mission, with Quantum, is to harness those solutions for healthcare, bringing the industry a new technological infrastructure that will facilitate processes, flow of information and coordination of care with an emphasis on interconnectivity.

"Everyone has experienced the inefficiencies, errors and duplication in healthcare," Martinez says. "Our systems empower the communication that is critical to the coordination of care and prevention of inefficiencies. The goal is to develop efficiency in operations, improve care of patients and achieve significant cost reductions."

Under the dynamic leadership of Martinez, Quantum has developed a series of fully integrated enterprise software systems that encompass all the critical touchpoints of the healthcare industry. Available to hospitals, clinics and physician practices in an on-demand, Web-based format, Quantum’s model offers 24 applications and functions. It incorporates the best practices software applications from the retail, supply chain, finance and other industries, integrating them into a simplified, seamless package that is constantly accessible. The essential processes have been tested and proven in other industries, and Quantum has modified them to meet the specialized needs of healthcare, including the need for confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

"This will radically improve the delivery of care and offer solutions to physicians, payors and patients," says Martinez. "Our model is an Internet service that connects all the touchpoints within the industry, seamlessly. By utilizing information technology to remove barriers and address operational inefficiencies, Quantum empowers healthcare providers to focus on what they do best: take care of patients. Our physician practice management suite is liberating for doctors; it reduces bureaucracy, administrative burdens, paperwork and non-clinical activities, leading to quality time with patients. It also puts enormous amounts of information about the patient into your hands, before you even see the patient."

Quantum’s platform enables analysis and measurement of critical data, so that physicians and hospitals can quantify demographics, volumes and outcomes and more effectively monitor, manage and document quality of care.

Quantum’s electronic medical record system called PWeR ™ has been launched at the Caridad Center, the largest free medical care clinic in Palm Beach County. Quantum donated the comprehensive system, service and support to the Center for the next five years, representing a $1.2 million donation. At Caridad, 140 volunteer doctors will "test" it. "I could not have dreamed of a better partner," says Martinez. "Caridad has 25,000 patient visits every year so it is an ideal platform for us. This will dramatically improve care and efficiency and reduce costs for Caridad Center."

Within the next two decades, as the Baby Boomer generation ages and begins seeking increased medical services, the number of people in the USA over the age of 65 will nearly double. This previses explosive growth for the healthcare industry and amplifies the urgency of implementing more efficient processes for the delivery of care. Ultimately, Martinez emphasizes, technology is a tool that leads to improved care and higher revenues; he envisions capabilities that will shift the healthcare system to a wellness- based environment that is fundamental to the transformation of the healthcare industry.

For more information about PWeR™ or any of Quantum Innovations’ solutions for the healthcare industry, visit To contact Pete Martinez, call (561) 798-9800.
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