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March 2007 - Volume 3 - Issue 9




Recruiting Strategies Strengthen Workforce

Across the nation, the recruitment of clinical workers has become a major challenge for healthcare providers. On the Treasure Coast, unemployment remains low, which means competition for professional and service workforce is high.

That’s why Martin Memorial has employed several new strategies to recruit talented Associates in all areas of the health system. That includes:

  • A hiring process designed to be more efficient and take less time between the initial interview and official starting date
  • Realignment of recruiter duties
  • A virtual open house that allowed recruiters and potential nurses to connect with each other
  • A transition program that, with the help of the education department, will allow nurses who have been away from the field receive updated training and return to the profession. It will also provide them with a more flexible work schedule, giving them an incentive to return to nursing.
"In the last six months, we’ve made some significant changes," said Jan Foselli, supervisor of recruitment.

One of the most important changes will affect all new hires in the health system. After evaluating Martin Memorial’s hiring process – which can take an average of six weeks from start to finish – the human resources department is revamping the system.

"It’s all about getting people onboard quicker," said Angie Metcalf, director of human resources, learning. "We’re examining everything involved in our process to make that time period shorter."

That includes performing some procedures at the same time, such as background and reference checks, rather than one following the other. That alone shortens the turnaround time but still fulfills necessary requirements for employment.

While open houses for employment have been a staple of many companies for years, Martin Memorial partnered with a national magazine recently in an effort to connect on-line with nurses. The virtual open house provides a possible model that Martin Memorial could use on its own, giving recruiters one more method to communicate with potential Associates. Martin Memorial also hosted its third-annual RN Open House in October, which drew approximately 50 people.

Another innovative recruiting strategy is the transition program, designed to bring former nurses back into the fold. By recruiting former nurses, providing training to bring them up to date in clinical advances, and offering them flexible hours that can fit their schedules, Martin Memorial is hoping to tap into a valuable, if often overlooked, resource.

"That will pull some people back into the health system," said Jan Chase, human resources manager, talent and performance management. "With the nursing shortage, we’re trying to find ways to incorporate flexible schedules that allow people to work in the field."

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