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Tuesday July 7, 2020

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January 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 7

SFHEF to Get New President, New Name in 2020

There are a lot of changes underway for the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF) in the new year, and one of those is the installation of Haroula Protopapadakis Norden, FACHE, as its new president. In addition to putting forth a number of new engagement goals and establishing resources to help more members reach fellowship status, she will also be at the helm of a new branding campaign.

“I would consider it a success if, by the end of my year in this position, we have more fellows advancing and rising membership numbers—both new members and those who reinstate their memberships because they found SFHEF useful enough to want to come back,” she explained. “I want people to find value in what they get from our organization.”
As the associate administrator of Memorial Regional Hospital (MRH), the flagship hospital for the Memorial Healthcare System, Protopapadakis Norden is responsible for overseeing a number of support and ancillary departments in the facility as well as overseeing the Division of Neurosciences and Trauma Services. A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, she is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).
“When I first joined MRH, my boss, who was the CEO, made it one of my goals to attain the FACHE credential,” explained Protopapadakis Norden, who became a fellow of the college three years ago. “Before that, I had always gone to events, but I hadn’t been actively involved.”
Once she became a fellow, she joined the board, and currently serves as president-elect.
“SFHEF has done a great job of providing local healthcare leaders with networking and educational opportunities, and I want to enhance those activities,” she said of her upcoming term. “My goal is to engage more people; not just those who don’t currently attend events, but also those who do. I want to get them more actively involved, and this includes both student members and local healthcare professionals.
Protopapadakis Norden would also like to expand offerings throughout SFHEF’s service area to make sure that all members are being reached.
Protopapadakis Norden also wants to make it easier for members considering fellowship status to make the leap.
“There is a fair amount of people who are fellowship eligible, but have not taken the next step; they might be thinking about it, but they haven’t moved forward,” she said. “I’d like us to reach out to them and to provide whatever support they may need. We need to know what our chapter can do to help them obtain that fellowship goal, whether that’s mentoring, providing more educational opportunities, or something else.”
Protopapadakis Norden will also be at the helm of SFHEF’s rebranding campaign, which will kick off in 2020. “We have been known as the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum for many years now, and we want to realign our name and image with the ACHE national chapter,” she explained. “A number of other organizations do some of the same things we do, but we are the only official chapter of the college, and the only one that is affiliated with them, and we want people to understand that we are one organization as we become ACHE of South Florida.”
Protopapadakis Norden is looking forward to working with SFHEF’s members and board to move the organization forward in the coming year.
“We have a lot to be proud of, from our tenure, to our huge membership base, to the vast territory we serve,” she said. “We have very active members, and we offer them an incredible amount of opportunities to become involved, from attending networking events to earning education credits. We have a lot for our student members, too, including case competitions, scholarships, and mentoring opportunities.
“We have a great board; it is very diverse with people from all different realms of healthcare who are at different stages of their careers,” she continued. “This helps bring a diverse perspective to the types of events we have, and enables us to cover a wide range of subjects.
“I think we do a good job of being there with the tools people need and want from our organization, and I’m looking forward to engaging with more of our members,” she added. “Come to our educational and networking events, and see what we’re all about.” 
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