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Sunday January 24, 2021

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October 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 4


SaeboFlex - State-of-the-Art Therapy

Have you heard about the SaeboFlex and the benefits it can provide to post-CVA patients? John Farrell and Henry Hoffman are licensed occupational therapists who created Saebo because they believed stroke survivors never reached a "plateau."

Collectively, they worked with hundreds of stroke survivors. Every time they came across a patient who had been told they reached a plateau they thought there was something more that they could do. From their ongoing frustration, relentless questioning and undeniable passion, The Saebo Arm Training Program was born.

The Saebo Arm Training Program is a specialized treatment approach designed to maximize arm and hand function following a neurological injury such as a stroke. Itís the only program available that allows each patient to use their involved hand functionally for grasp and release, task-specific activities that are volitionally based.

Its main purpose is to help perform early initiation of functional grasp and release activities with the involved arm and hand. This is accomplished by using the SaeboFlex orthosis. This revolutionary orthosis will allow immediate use of the hand throughout the day which would otherwise be impossible. The SaeboFlex may stimulate new functional gains in the hand and throughout the entire arm.

The SaeboFlex allows neurologically impaired individuals the ability to incorporate their affected hand functionally in therapy and at home. It allows stroke survivors to use their affected hand by supporting the weakened wrist, hand and fingers. The device is fitted individually with specific tension adjustments assisting finger extension. This allows the patient to grip and release objects. The device has no motor or electrical parts.

The time since a neurological injury is not a factor. Case studies and current research have indicated individuals up to 20 years post-stroke can benefit from the SaeboFlex. Unlike Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (C.I.M.T.) you are not required to extend your wrist or open your fingers.

The Saebo Arm Training Program is designed for individuals who have some shoulder and elbow movement but minimal to no hand function. It is important to realize that you do not need to be able to open your fingers to use the SaeboFlex. This state of the art arm orthosis can help post-stroke patients become independent once again. To get started in the program you will need to go to a Saebo-trained clinician to be evaluated.

Joe Martin is a licensed physical therapist and a Saebo-trained clinician. He is the Director of Rehabilitation for Allegiance Home Health and Rehab serving Palm Beach County. He can be reached at (561) 367-0711 or (561) 738-0805 or with any questions.
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