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Saturday October 20, 2018

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June 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 12




Saltz Michelson: Celebrating 42 Years of Architectural Success in South Florida

Charles Michelson can fondly remember the day he was hired to work at Saltz Michelson Architects, an architectural firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. It was 1980, just four years after Mark Saltz started the firm, and it was Michelson’s first and only job interview.

The economy was in a recession at the time so there weren’t many jobs. As a result, Michelson decided to stay at the University of Miami to pursue his master’s degree in urban and regional planning. He also worked part-time as a transport in a hospital and worked security for rock concerts.
“When Mark asked why I had no architectural experience during my time in college, I replied that I figured I would be doing this for the rest of my life and saw no reason to rush right into it,” recalls Michelson.
That got a hearty laugh from Saltz and the two hit it right off. They discovered they shared similar work ethics and backgrounds. Michelson was immediately hired and gradually rose in the ranks as the firm grew. He became a junior partner in 1990 and finally named president of the firm in 2017.
Today, Michelson says that he enjoys working in a job that allows him to be creative and artistic every day while responding to community needs.
“I can physically see and touch the final product of my work,” he says. “I see people admire it from a distance or be successful within the facility while using it efficiently to obtain the intended results. It’s also wonderful to be in a profession and be engaged with talented people and people with a vision. Architecture is a very fulfilling profession.”
As a local architectural firm, Saltz Michelson Architects create projects which it believes improve the human experience in the community. With 26 employees and 7 registered architects, the firm works on a variety of project types from healthcare to shopping centers and everything in between except custom homes. Its work include social architectural projects, government projects, addiction recovery centers, schools, offices and emergency operations centers.
“Our projects have a reputation for quality and value,” says Michelson.
The success of the firm for the last 42 years and its future success is by virtue of its drive for quality, creativity, and a passion for its work and the people it meets.
“We compete successfully with our national peers, have been published in national magazines and always strive to improve,” says Michelson. “People who work with us understand they have an advocate and partner in each and every project.”
Saltz Michelson’s key strategy is simple—to perform hard work, have passion for its projects, provide a quality product, and be responsible.
“In addition, for our government projects, we strive to understand and respond to the process complexities of working on government projects,” says Michelson. “No matter what, we remember we are in a service business and become engaged with the people we work with and for. We find success through collaboration; we listen and problem seek before we can problem solve and design.”
When asked what distinguishes his firm from the competition, Michelson says it’s the people.
“Our people are our greatest asset and what makes us unique,” he says. “Our personalities and experience come out in every project we work on. By being ourselves, we are our most creative, dedicated, proactive, and try to lead instead of follow. We try to be our client's trusted adviser, not only a hired architect.”
Staying abreast of industry issues is also critical for the firm. In fact, Michelson recently became the 28th board certified healthcare architect in Florida and the only working AHCA architect in South Florida. It’s a credential that he is proud to have achieved and knowledge that he is keen to share with his clients. In addition, he is involved with the local AIA and says that he enjoys mentoring and working with the community's future architects.
Saltz Michelson has worked on a number of local healthcare projects including:
• Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
• Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Institute
• Multiple oncology centers, surgery centers, urgent care and clinic projects and many medical offices
“Every healthcare project is important and notable,” says Michelson. “Our firm has immense pride in designing the facilities that improve the application of healthcare to the people of South Florida in creative and high performing buildings. It’s wonderful to work on projects that respond to such an important community need.”
Looking ahead, Michelson notes that the firm’s future is strong and it has multiple shareholders and leaders with similar visions.
“As a firm, we are always looking toward the future, ensuring we are technologically current and are constantly learning about new products and business trends so that we remain a relevant force in South Florida architecture,” he says. “We embrace our new generation of people and the different perspectives they bring to the firm with a unique perspective upon life and business. Even in retirement, Mark Saltz is still engaged with the firm and continues to be a mentor to all of us. Yes, our future is bright.”

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