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October 2013 - Volume 10 - Issue 4

Salute to Case Managers

Hospice by the Sea
Lawance Alouissaint
With his skills and compassion, Lawance Alouissaint excels at bringing the hospice philosophy to life. He expertly manages the pain and symptoms of his patients, while providing education and support to the family as well. Lawance is highly sensitive to patient and family dynamics and well aware of how it can affect the health status of his patients. In every patient related act, he demonstrates love for his patients and genuine concern for their caregivers.
With the assistance of the patient’s attending physician and family members, he establishes and implements an individualized plan of care which he asses each week with the members of the patient’s interdisciplinary team (IDT) composed of physicians, nurses, home health aides, physicians, social workers, spiritual care counselors and bereavement counselors.
Lawance is well respected for his professionalism and loved for his generous spirit and positive outlook by both his colleagues and those he serves.
West Palm Beach VA Medical Center
Anita M. Wester, LCSW
Anita M. Wester, LCSW, is employed at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center. Wester has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University and Masters in Social Work from Barry University. During her six years of employment with the VA, Wester has worked in a variety of settings and programs designed to meet the needs of Veterans. She has direct care experience working with sexual assault victims and mental health patients. In her current position as the Non-Institutional Care Social Worker, Anita coordinates requests for Adult Day Health Care, Home Health Aide and Respite services. She assesses the clinical appropriateness of the referrals, ensures program eligibility and provides case management designed to increase functionality, independence and overall quality of life. Wester also addresses any concerns expressed by the Veterans to ensure both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
Karen Abbott, LCSW
Karen Abbott, LCSW, is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and is a Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work. She earned her MSW at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Karen came to the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in 2009 and is a Senior Social Worker in the Department of Housing and Urban Development/VA’s Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program. HUD-VASH provides long term case management, supportive services, and permanent housing support for chronically homeless Veterans, serving the neediest, most vulnerable Veterans and their families. She is a member of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless and the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County. Karen is the proud daughter of a combat Marine Veteran who served in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She is grateful to have her dream job and hopes to raise awareness of the needs of our homeless Veterans.
The St. John’s Team
St. John’s Nursing Center is blessed with a unique team of Social Workers dedicated to their field and the mission, vision and values of our campus. Our Director is Myra Lineal. Myra is a tenacious, outgoing woman. She livens up any room when she enters. She is gifted in that way always bringing a smile to your face. She has a Masters in Community Mental Health Counseling. Next is Kyla Murphy. Kyla is a hardworking, policy oriented young woman who gets the job done and makes sure they all follow regulations and policies. Her passion is to advocate for the elderly and make their quality of life the best it can be. And then there is Sister Mary Magdalene Mkpo a member of the daughters of Mercy Congregation. Sister has a Masters in Social Work. Sister has a wonderful forthright manner and works for her residents in every way. She has a beautiful sense of humor that makes the day seem better.
Last but not least our Alicia Gavita. Alicia has a Diet Tech degree as well as her Bachelor’s in Social Work. She has this beautiful spirit and exudes kindness and compassion in everything she does. She also is our translator and assists all our Hispanic residents as well. We are so fortunate to have such a diverse team helping our residents/patients and aiding our staff every day. We salute you during the Social Workers Week and every day for all the good you do!
Jupiter Medical Center
Susan Hack, RN, BHA
Susan Hack, RN, BHA, specializes in working with patients on the Oncology unit at Jupiter Medical Center (JMC). She has been with JMC for more than a year in the Case Management department.
Susan has practiced nursing for more than 27 years, and has held previous positions at other healthcare facilities including Director of Medical/Surgical & Telemetry units, and Director of Discharge Planning.
At JMC, Susan focuses on utilization review, making sure patients’ intensity of service is met and appropriate care is delivered.
“At the end of the day, it’s very rewarding to me when I get the opportunity to help somebody,” said Susan. “Providing patients with the highest quality of care and respect is our number one priority here at Jupiter Medical Center.”
Susan was recently recognized by a fellow team member for her willingness to go above and beyond helping a patient and his wife with their discharge home. This demonstrates JMC’s Relationship-Based Care Model – caring for self, colleagues and patients.
Stefanie McCarthy, RN, BSN
Stefanie McCarthy, RN, BSN, specializes in caring for patients in the Emergency Department at Jupiter Medical Center (JMC). She has been with JMC for more than a year and a half in the Case Management department.
Stefanie has practiced nursing for more than 23 years, ten of those years in case management. She has held previous roles in both the insurance side and hospital side of case management.
At JMC, Stefanie ensures patients are meeting criteria for intensity of service and severity of illness to be admitted from the Emergency Department into the hospital. She utilizes community resources, home health & rehabilitation agencies and social services in order to create an individualized discharge plan for patients.
“Individualized plans begin upon a patient’s admission to the hospital to establish their unique plan of care,” said Stefanie. “It’s rewarding in my job to help each patient through the process, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care needed.”
Broward Health Coral Springs
Mary Monahan, RN, CCM
Mary Monahan, RN, CCM, has been a Case Manager with BHCS since 2008. Prior to that, her background was in workers compensation, as a case manager at Broadspire. She was recently promoted from Acute Care Case Manager to CM Coordinator of BHCS in April 2013. She assumed the role of Interim Regional Manager of Case Management and Social Services for 3 months while the department awaited their new manager, Lenie Clancy. Mary graduated college with a BS in Nursing in New York from the College of New Rochelle, and received a Master in Healthcare Management at Iona College. Mary enjoys the challenges of discharge planning and utilization review, and has always encouraged other nurses to consider the specialty. “There is literally never a dull moment in this department. It is truly a field that enables you to make a difference,” says Mary.
Case Management Team
Case managers are vital components in the process of educating and guiding patients to achieve their desired outcome. They often go above and beyond the call of duty simply to ensure that an individual patient’s needs are met. They are accommodating, compassionate and persistent when dealing with matters regarding patients. With that said, Broward Health would like to acknowledge and thank every single case manager for demonstrating all the aforementioned qualities as well as a slew of other noteworthy characteristics.
Welcome to:
Lenie Clancy, Regional Manager of Case Management
Cindy Abadines (4W Case Manager)
Zilma Zepeda (Peds Case Manager)
Chantal Gaston (ED Case Manager)
Phyllis Moore (SW Case Manager))
Barbara Fair (per diem Case Manager)
Carolyn Engler (per diem Case Manager)
A special recognition goes out to the seasoned case managers who have dedicated collectively 167 years of services to BH. They include Lu Perez (30 years), Sharon Gillary (23 years), Linda Klein (22 years), Vickie Tutunick (21 years) Jo-Ann Abbott (20 years), Lisa Hynes (16 years) Iris Jacobs (10 years), Janice Treijs (9 years), Peg Davis (7 years), Mary Monahan (5 years), Helen Guzzi (4 years), Dennis Rubin, Jasmin Brown.
With all these new talents and years of experience in the field of case management, utilization review and social work, BHCS Case Management and Social Service Department is ready to face the daily challenges that come.
Broward Health North
Gavin Malcolm
In 2005, Gavin Malcolm started his career at Broward Health North as a social work coordinator. He earned his master’s degree in social work from Boston University and his bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College in Ohio.
Malcolm was appointed manager of Case Management in 2009. His first priority is to support his staff in their efforts to ensure safe and efficient discharge planning for all patients. He also assists with challenging cases on the floors, provides emotional support for patients and their families, and facilitates educational initiatives aimed at preventing or lowering the rates of re-admission.
Malcolm serves on the quality council, multiple process improvement teams, the utilization review committee and denial prevention team. His involvement and dedication to patients is instrumental in their success and recovery.
Lucy Sessions, R.N.
Lucy Sessions has worked as a registered nurse case manager at Broward Health North (BHN) since 2005.
Her first priority is to provide continuity of care for the patients on the medical surgical floor at BHN. She ensures the patients are admitted under the correct diagnosis and they receive the proper medications both at home and in the hospital. In addition, she works with patients and families during the discharge planning process.
Sessions is the chair of the BHN process and planning committee for the EQ Health division. She also chairs the paperless committee for the Case Management department, which is overseeing the department’s transition to digital communication.
As part of a pilot program earlier this year, Sessions served as a registered nurse case manager in the hospital’s emergency department. This program coordinated the services of the physicians and their admission diagnosis for proper reimbursement.
She started her career at Broward Health Medical Center as a registered nurse case manager for the HIV department.
Martin Health System
Robyn Clough
In the 16 years that Robyn Clough has served as a case manager for hospitals in Palm Beach and Martin counties, the role has changed significantly. That has especially been true over the past few years, with a growing emphasis on coordinated care between hospitals and external providers.
“There has been a move from simplistic discharge planning to comprehensive ‘transition’ planning,” Clough said. “There are myriad factors that need to be assessed to determine an appropriate transition plan.”
Clough’s role as community liaison case manager is designed to coordinate process improvement initiatives to enhance workflow, communication and productivity as it relates to each patient’s transition from the hospital setting to the next level of care.
“There is a delicate balance between the length of stay and the potential for a readmission,” she said. “So case managers are playing a significant role in helping provide the most effective, appropriate transition plan.”
United HomeCare®, Inc.
Eduardo Vilchez
Eduardo Vilchez is Case Management Team Leader at United HomeCare®, Inc. Vilchez joined the nonprofit home health and community care organization 20 years ago. He entered the home health care field after his elderly parents moved to Miami from Nicaragua and they needed home care support. That experience led him to develop an appreciation of the home health care field and he decided that a career in case management would allow him to help the elderly lead productive lives. As team leader, Vilchez supervises case managers who manage the health care needs of seniors enrolled in the Community Care for the Elderly program. He is also intensely involved in the Adult Protective Services Program for abused and neglected clients. Throughout his career, he has assisted thousands of seniors to age in place at home and in community settings with dignity and independence.
“I enjoy serving my community and helping our elderly citizens find solutions to their health care needs,” Vilchez said. “I find it rewarding to know that what I do helps our elderly lead a better quality of life.” Creating quality care plans for his clients and ensuring that clients are receiving effective coordinated services is the work he values most, adds Vilchez.
Vilchez has other gifts. He is a self-taught classical painter that has exhibited his paintings worldwide. But the canvas he enjoys painting most is helping seniors remain healthy.
Jazmin V. Perez
Jazmin V. Perez is Case Management Team Leader for United HomeCare®, Inc. Perez joined United HomeCare in 2006 and is a valued employee for her dedication to serving elderly and disabled clients in need of community care. She is also an exceptional case management team leader in the organization’s Nursing Home Diversion Program. “I love my job because I am helping people and I can see the results of what I do every day,” Perez said. “I work with an exceptional group of case managers who care about their clients and are experienced in developing patient care plans and ensuring coordination of services.”
Perez graduated from Carlos Albizu University School of Counseling with a Master of Science in Psychology, and a double Major in Marriage and Family Therapy.
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