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April 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 10

Salute to Volunteers

Good Samaritan Medical Center

Marlene Duchatellier
Marlene Duchatellier decided to become a hospital volunteer at Good Samaritan Medical Center because of the way she can help patients and their loved ones when they come to the hospital. In a way, she says she is doing it to honor her late mother, who once was hospitalized and had volunteers help her with the care she needed when she was a patient. Marlene worked in the banking industry for many years and was a customer service representative.   She says always being in contact with different people was a very rewarding experience, and it carries over into her job today of being a volunteer. Whenever someone thanks Marlene for volunteering her time at the hospital, she always responds with the same answer, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something that I enjoy and feel goodabout.”

Arlene Bick
Arlene Bick has been volunteering at Good Samaritan Medical Center for 20 years. She is a familiar face to the staff at the hospital and is always lending a warm smile and good conversation to anyone she encounters. Arlene works at the information desk and in the waiting room helping loved ones who may have someone getting a surgical procedure. Being able to volunteer at Good Samaritan is particularly interesting to Arlene because of the history behind volunteering at the oldest hospital in Palm Beach County. Arlene has no plans to give up volunteering as she feels it’s the most rewarding experience you could ever have.
Delray Medical Center

Lenore Katz
Lenore Katz had to be coaxed into volunteering by her daughter-in-law who’s a nurse. She’s certainly glad she made the decision to volunteer at Delray Medical Center. For nearly a year, Lenore has come to the hospital to try and bring a little joy to patients who may not have much to look forward to. As Lenore puts it, she tries to lift their spirits, comfort them and allow them to focus on something other than their stay in the hospital. Lenore enjoys hearing how the patients are feeling and also likes to hear how she can make the patient experience better. She feels each patient she meets is like having a new friend in your life.

Chuck Pisciotta

Chuck Pisciotta can easily recall his most memorable moment as a volunteer at Delray Medical Center. It was with a patient who told him about her story to leave Haiti and work for 22 years at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan cleaning bedpans. She beamed about how she was able to bring up her daughter and was so appreciative of the job she had so she could give her daughter a better life. Chuck spoke to this woman for hours and felt enlightened to live an even better life after his conversation with her. When Chuck retired from the corporate world nearly 10 years ago, he was shocked to find how many non-profit organizations there were supporting senior citizens. Coming to Delray Medical Center seemed like the perfect fit, and now he has been at the hospital helping patients for nearly two years. Chuck says he also volunteers because it gives him a platform to help patients and volunteers understand they should not let anything in their lives steal joy from them.  
West Boca Medical Center
Valerie Aalo
For the past four years, Valerie Aalo has been volunteering her time at West Boca Medical Center. She started as a member of the volunteen program. Valerie volunteers in several places around the hospital, including the BirthCare Pavilion, nursery, dispatch and the surgical waiting room. Her hope is to one day be a Perinatologist, and she is currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University majoring in neuroscience and behavior, with a minor in women’s studies. Valerie credits her time at West Boca to being able to better understand what it will take to work in the medical field. Valerie says she loves volunteering, but what makes her experience most memorable, is when she gets to see smiles on the patient’s faces that she helps care for. Valerie says West Boca is a special place because the hospital makes the volunteer experience mutually beneficial for both the volunteer and the hospital. As Valerie says, “There’s always room for us to grow.”
Christine Fabella
While new to volunteering at West Boca Medical Center, Christine Fabella is excited to be a part of the West Boca volunteer team. Christine volunteers in the surgical waiting room, and was looking for an opportunity to stay active when she retired in 2016. She has exceeded her expectations. Christine loves helping the families of patients who are having surgery by being a liaison and keeping them informed during the surgery process. Prior to her time volunteering, Christine was a registered nurse, so when she retired, working in a hospital was a natural fit and gives her a perspective that other volunteers may not have. Christine lists her most memorable experience as being named volunteer of the month in the employee newsletter. 
St. Mary’s Medical Center
Carly Cook
For the past year, Carly Cook has been volunteering at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Carly initially worked in the Child Life department, but now uses her time to volunteer in human resources, and is currently the editor-in-chief of the Volunteer Newsletter. Her next goal is to volunteer in the pediatric emergency department. Carly is currently a student at the FAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter studying to become a doctor. She feels volunteering gives her an opportunity to get immediate hands on experience in the healthcare field. Carly says her favorite part of volunteering is being able to interact and interview former patients and staff for the newsletter. She’s fascinated hearing about the different experiences each patient has had. Carly finds St. Mary’s to be a warm and welcoming environment which is the main reason why she loves volunteering so much.
Mikaila Cartwright
As one of the newest additions to the volunteer program at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Mikaila Cartwright wants to focus on all the people she encounters as a volunteer in the St. Mary’s human resources department. This senior in high school plans to attend the University of Florida and major in computer engineering. Mikaila says in the short time she’s been at the hospital, it’s helped her become more understanding and patient. She feels whenever she’s volunteering, she’s acquiring new skills. Mikaila’s most memorable experience so far was the opportunity to design the flyer for the St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Cancer Research fundraiser.
Jupiter Medical Center
Debbie Pelletier
Debbie Pelletier has been a volunteer at Jupiter Medical Center since February 2011 and has put in more than 2,140 volunteer hours. Her first interaction with the hospital was in 2008 when her father was a patient. Her positive experience with Jupiter Medical Center during her father’s stay, coupled with her passion for helping others, led her to become a volunteer.
Debbie is a volunteer in Surgery Family Waiting where she greets family members, provides them with information about their loved one’s procedure and answers any questions they may have. She also assists in training new volunteers. As a devoted volunteer, her goal is to make the patient experience as positive and stress-free as possible.
Debbie’s dedication to helping others does not end with Jupiter Medical Center. When she is not volunteering, she is working as a Destination Services Relocation Consultant. In this role, she helps recently relocated families assimilate to the area.
Frank Wiesler
Frank Wiesler has been a volunteer at Jupiter Medical Center since January 2003. In the last 15 years, Frank has worn many different hats as a volunteer. He now focuses his time as the Auxiliary Administrative Secretary and as a volunteer in the Motor Aid Department.
As Auxiliary Administrative Secretary, Frank is responsible for all administrative duties, from submitting volunteer hours to hiring new volunteers, to keep the organization running smoothly.
In the Motor Aid Department, Frank drives patients to and from their appointments at the hospital. Frank describes the most rewarding part of volunteering as helping out with the little things. Whenever he has an opportunity to alleviate stress for hospital staff or make a patient smile, he takes advantage of it.
When he is not volunteering, Frank can be found listening to jazz music, woodworking and spending time with his two sons and five grandchildren.
Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
Jean Carver
For the past 13 years, Jean Carver has been volunteering her services at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Jean uses her talents to man the front desk and surgical waiting room. Jean enjoys helping others and loves using her time to meet new and interesting people at the hospital. As a mother to three grown children, Jean thinks raising her kids best prepared her for her volunteer role. She finds deep satisfaction in helping others; even it’s just a small gesture to help someone who’s sick get through the day. She has no plans of slowing down in her role, and finds it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.
Martha Duncan
There’s not a single area in Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center that Martha Duncan doesn’t know. She has been volunteering her time in the hospital for nearly 40 years. Martha woks the volunteer desk in the front lobby. She considers it a privilege to be able to serve and help others. Prior to her time at Palm Beach Gardens, Martha worked as a secretary in West Palm Beach. She cites her office work experience as something that has helped her tremendously over the years in her volunteer work at the hospital. Martha says it has been an amazing journey to see how much the hospital has grown and changed over the years.
VITAS Healthcare of Broward County
Joyce Angel
The appropriately named Joyce Angel devoted more than 765 hours to performing volunteer work on behalf of VITAS Healthcare patients in 2017. “I function as kind of a liaison between patients and families, and the medical staff,” Angel says. “I’m called to it.”
A former New York City school teacher who has a degree in counseling psychology, Angel performed VITAS volunteer work from 1997 till 1999, and then came back at it again in 2015. “It’s kind of my way of giving back,” Angel says of her work with sick patients and their families. “I also kind of provide a bit of a diversion, if you will, to patients’ families.”
Volunteer Manager Esther Cohen says “Joyce is a true angel. Examples of her dedication are the hours she devoted to our patients by providing comfort and friendly visits, greeting and welcoming families, and spending time with the patient in the absence of family.”
Charles Silverstein
Every Saturday and Sunday at 4:55 a.m., Charles Silverstein eases his car onto the parking lot of VITAS Healthcare’s main Ft. Lauderdale office. Then the 71-year-old VITAS volunteer heads inside and makes a beeline for the nurses’ supply room where Silverstein works from 5 a.m. till at least 10 a.m., ensuring that adequate levels of latex gloves, adult diapers and other materials are on-hand.
Silverstein has been doing this for 18 years, and also spends one day per week doing administrative work at a VITAS in-patient unit in Sunrise. The three-day work week embraced by the retiree enabled him to amass 576 volunteer hours in 2017.
An avid square dancer who lived in Chicago before moving to South Florida roughly 40 years ago, Silverstein says he’s shooting for 20 years of VITAS volunteer service. Treasured friendships forged with VITAS staffers are what keep Silverstein coming back, he says.
VITAS Healthcare of Palm Beach County
Steve Calderon
Steve Calderon, 72, has a serious soft spot for veterans. Hardly surprising, given that the retired letter carrier entrusted his life to a handful of Army colleagues when they ran reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines in Vietnam.
“I wanted to give back,” Calderon says of the VITAS volunteer work he’s been doing since April 2017 with vets receiving VITAS hospice care in Palm Beach County. “You’re giving an understanding that there is someone who cares about them, that they’re not forgotten. They open up more to another veteran, because it’s known that many veterans do not trust the civilian population.
“All my guys have been in assisted living facilities,” says Calderon, a married father of two. “It has been both a rewarding experience and an eye-opener. My experience as a VITAS hospice volunteer has given me balance in my life.”
Sheila Hyman
Sheila Hyman initially encountered VITAS when her loved one was a VITAS patient. Within months after her loved one passed away in 2016, Sheila became a VITAS volunteer.
“It has been something I had to do to pay back, because VITAS really did take care of us”, Hyman says. “It was so important that I give back to the organization. It gave me a feeling of security, because the nurse who came to visit us and the aide who came to help bathe and the chaplain were just the nicest, most caring people.”
These days Hyman works with VITAS every Tuesday as a Telephone Assurance Program (TAP) volunteer. “I speak with patients and/or their family members,” Hyman says. “I tell them, `This is just a courtesy call, but I’d like to know if you need anything, or if you’d like to talk about something?’
“I’m volunteering because it’s pleasurable to me,” Hyman observes.
Memorial Hospital Pembroke
Barbara Goldberger
For the past four years, Barbara Goldberger has put “worthwhile hours” in as a volunteer at Memorial Hospital Pembroke. She helps in pre-op two mornings a week, assisting with patient communication, paperwork, and bringing food supplies to the area.
“My satisfaction comes from putting smiles on faces,” said the retired X-ray technician. “I like meeting a variety of people and making friends, so it’s much better than sitting at home.”
Goldberger worked for 43 years at hospitals in South Florida and found that she was bored in retirement. Given her long career in healthcare, it made perfect sense that she give her time and energy to Memorial Hospital Pembroke, a facility close to her home in Pembroke Pines. “People always say, ‘it’s nice that you do that,’ but I definitely get more out of it than I give to it.”
Kristina Benoualid
During her time as a volunteer at Memorial Hospital Pembroke, Kristina Benoualid has learned something about herself. “I like to contribute to people’s lives. A small amount of time can make a big difference.”
Benoualid operates the coffee cart two days a week, providing treats and refreshments to grateful patients and staff. Nursing stations are among her regular stops, where she caters to some of the busiest people at the hospital. “I remember who likes what and try to provide personalized service,” said Benoualid, a student at Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. She is especially interested in preventative care for chronic illnesses.
Memorial Hospital Pembroke provides a wide scope of essential healthcare services in a compassionate community setting. Its specialties include a bariatric/weight loss surgery program and wound healing center.
Memorial Regional Hospital
Barbara Smith
On the 8th floor of the mother/baby unit where she volunteers, everyone knows the “Cookie Lady.”
She’s Barbara Smith, and in the six years the retired educator has spent at Memorial Regional Hospital, she’s made delivering “ooey, gooey, fresh, and chewy” treats her calling card. “I’m told the number of patients in the unit, known as the ‘the happy floor,’ and bake enough cookies for all the moms and dads.”
With more than 1,700 volunteer hours under her belt, Smith does more than just deliver cookies two days a week. She’s also president of the Volunteer Auxiliary and recently implemented the “Each One Reach One” theme with the expectation of increasing the number of adult volunteers in the Memorial Healthcare System. During her time as the group’s leader, Smith is also focused on increasing board involvement and participation by members.
Maitane Orue
What started as a way to get the required volunteer service time for graduation has become, four years and more than 525 hours later, a place where Maitane Orue has found a second family.
The teen from St. Thomas Aquinas High School started her volunteer career working with patient information at Memorial Regional Hospital before moving to her current place in its gift shop. Orue’s efforts earned her the 2018 Robert Groeninger Memorial Regional Hospital Volunteer Teen Scholarship, an award she’ll put toward her education at the University of Central Florida. There she’ll pursue an undergraduate degree that she expects will lead her to law school.
But Orue isn’t waiting for college to impact those around her. In addition to the volunteer work at the hospital, she’s started a nonprofit, S.O.S. Countries Inc., that has already raised more than $10,000 to aid people in distress in Venezuela and Puerto Rico.
Memorial Regional Hospital South
Fatima Silva
There is likely no peer at Memorial Regional Hospital South that better understands what stroke survivors are experiencing than Fatima Silva. Silva, a clinical social work registered intern, suffered a stroke at the age of 38 and now mentors others going through the same inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation she did. “I can relate to their situation on so many levels, so I’m able to explain the journey and answer questions.
What I hope they’ll see in me is they don’t have to accept their current fate and there can be a return to a quality life after such a traumatic experience,” said Silva, a volunteer since 2015.
While she assists others, Silva is also helping herself, using her time at the hospital to test her body’s abilities as she plans a return to a career in social work. The slow and steady approach Silva learned during her own rehab at Memorial is paying dividends, for herself and others working to go beyond what they may think are their limitations.
Janet Sasoni
For more than 11 years, Janet Sasoni has been a volunteer at Memorial Regional Hospital South, assisting the efforts of the Human Resources department. Most days that means filing and data entry, but she’s always willing to help “wherever I’m needed.” Sasoni also serves on two of the hospital’s committees, one focused on volunteers and the other on family and patient care.
“I enjoy the camaraderie,” the Brooklyn native said. “All the people I come in contact with are friendly, nice, and very helpful.”
Sasoni has a long history with healthcare entities. She worked in the budget department at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Miami Beach for 20 years prior to coming to the Memorial Healthcare System.
Her hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital South, is home to the Memorial Rehabilitation Institute, South Florida’s largest provider of physical rehabilitation services. The facility specializes in treating patients that have lost limbs, had strokes, or suffered traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries.
Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
Jessica Amanambu
Jessica Amanambu has spent more than 720 hours volunteering within the Memorial Healthcare System, but that’s nothing compared to the time she ultimately wants to spend at hospitals. The teenager, a student at Miami Lakes Educational Center, has plans to pursue a career in medicine as a cardiothoracic surgeon.
Amanambu currently works with nurses, patient care assistants, and secretaries at Memorial Regional Hospital and serves on the Youth Advisory Council at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The teens plan events for kids and sit in on meetings that focus on the expansion of the children’s hospital to eight floors.
Amanambu was one of the winners of the 2018 Robert Groeninger Memorial Regional Hospital Volunteer Teen Scholarship. She is hoping to use the award dollars at Northeastern University, her preferred first stop in a college career she hopes will land her in the operating room.
Marteen Longo
Many people don’t know there is a Family Resource Center (also known as a library) at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Even fewer know that organizing the materials within it for more than two years has been the pet project of volunteer Marteen Longo.
Longo, who spent 35 years, some of it as a media specialist, in the Miami-Dade public school system, is known as the “book lady” by parents and kids who use the resource center. “I’m there is someone wants to talk, have a cookie, or cup of coffee. If I can use the skills I have to offer to relieve some of their stress, we’ll all be better for the interaction.”
Longo volunteers at the children’s hospital one day a week and has found her niche in the resource center after previously helping on the 3rd and 4th floors.
Memorial Hospital Miramar
Marjorie Warner
For Marjorie Warner, a volunteer for the past eight years at Memorial Hospital Miramar, satisfaction comes from meeting and assisting the wide variety of people that come and go through the hospital’s front door.
“I may be the first or last person they see,” said the retired Miami-Dade School food service administrator. “Some are nervous and apprehensive, some, especially the new moms and dads, are excited, but it’s rewarding to help them with whatever their situation may be.”
In addition to working at the information desk, Warner answers phones, accepts and delivers flowers, and discharges patients. She volunteers twice a week and calls the staff and administration at Memorial Hospital Miramar “a close-knit family.”
Millie Renedo
For nearly eight years, Millie Renedo has considered herself an “ambassador” at Memorial Hospital Miramar. From her post at the information desk, she directs visitors, helps with the overflow of phone calls from the switchboard, discharges patients, and accepts flower deliveries. She’s also proud of her ability to flow to wherever help is needed.
“I approach everything with a smile and words of kindness, that’s my life philosophy,” said Renedo. “I love volunteering and want to bring the best I can to what I do.”
Renedo is also part of the hospital’s Patient and Family Care Committee and enjoys the impact she’s able to have within the healthcare system. She had been on-site in Miramar two days a week, before recently cutting back to one to help at home with a new grandchild. “I’m a person that gets more happiness giving than receiving,” said Renedo.
Memorial Manor
Jana Thomas
For nearly three decades, Jana Thomas has been bringing therapy dogs to Memorial Manor. She estimates 20 dogs have volunteered alongside her during that time, providing unconditional love to elderly clients receiving long-term care and short-term rehabilitative services.
“Many of the permanent residents look forward to seeing my dogs on Wednesdays,” said Thomas, a member and tester/observer for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. “Petting an animal is therapeutic and there have been patients previously unwilling or unable to move their arms that reached out to my dogs when they entered the room.”
Thomas’ special brand of pet medicine has been practiced by at least 50 dogs throughout Memorial Healthcare System and she started the therapy programs at Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Hospital Miramar. Thomas says any breed of dog can be trained for therapy, as long as it likes people, is comfortable sitting without getting distracted, and, most importantly, has a gentle temperament.
Pinkie Graham
Spreading the word of the Lord to those interested in hearing it has been the motivation that’s kept Pinkie Graham returning to Memorial Manor twice a month for the past 26 years. “We read scripture from the Bible and offer prayer to the residents who would like for my team to share with them. It’s a pleasure to do and uplifting for the clients,” said Graham, a member of Jesus People Ministries Church International.
It’s those receiving long-term care that Graham has most connected with, especially individuals that don’t have family. She says her volunteer time is rewarding, fun, and the best way she knows to give back in the community. “Both the patients and I get joy and warmth from the interaction. Sometimes it’s just letting them know there’s someone who cares.”
Graham, a Pembroke Pines resident, is joined on the JPMCI team by Dorothy Brown and Jackie Johnson.
Catholic Hospice
Nilda Puchades
After 45 years of marriage, Nilda Puchades’ husband passed away at the Hospice in St. Catherine’s West. She is so grateful to the team that took care of him during his stay that she chose the same Catholic Hospice unit to volunteer. “I like to be able to help the family members to accept the situation in which they’re in. Many are initially in denial, which is to be expected. The best help is from someone that has been in their place. My husband died young, at 67- only a year after the diagnosis. I identify with the wives, which at our age, our parents are usually gone, and the children are grown. I lost it all and this has helped me to rebuild my life,” are the words that Nilda, our 3-time awardee of Volunteer of the Year, uses to describe why she drives from Miami Shores to St. Catherine’s West to help the families of the patient’s through this difficult time.
Maria de las Mercedes Arias
“I really love being a volunteer and I feel that my life has worth here, because I can be helpful to other people. The atmosphere in Catholic Hospice is of compassion and that is what is the most valuable to me,” are the words that Maria de las Mercedes Arias, better known as Mercy, uses to express how she feels about her volunteerism. She came from Cuba to Miami in December of 2015 and has been with Catholic Hospice since this January. At the age of 40 along with her sister, they became the sole caretakers to their mom, Pilar, for 22 years. Mercy learned that caring with Love and Compassion are of the most importance. As she has gotten to know who Catholic Hospice is, and the patient’s that we help, Mercy has felt deep gratitude in knowing that what her sister and she did for their mom just by instinct were the right things to do.
Martin Health
Carolyn Michaud
Soon after joining the Martin Health Auxiliary in 2006, Carolyn Michaud became the coordinator of the Martin Health Thrift Shop which is located in Stuart. She has held for the position for nearly 12 years, and spends close to 25 hours a week in the store.
A retired nurse, this is the second foray into retail management for Michaud. She had previously co-managed a thrift store in New Jersey that benefited a local charity.
Since taking over the Martin Health Thrift Shop, Michaud has helped significantly increase the store’s revenues, which support the Auxiliary’s fundraising efforts.
She has been joined in this effort by her husband, Bill Michaud, former president of the Martin Health Auxiliary. He oversees the shop’s EBay sales while also helping with paperwork and cleaning and prepping items for sale.
Both are members of the Stuart Rotary Club and enjoy meeting people and getting to know their steady customers.
“We’ll keep doing this until we can’t anymore,” Carolyn Michaud said.
Roland Gaudreau
After retiring from a long career at General Motors, Roland Gaudreau of Port St. Lucie knew he couldn’t sit still for long. While he swims and works out in the gym, Gaudreau needed to do more. So, 11 years ago he started volunteering.
Gaudreau joined the Martin Health Auxiliary where he serves as chairman of the courtesy cart drivers for the health care system’s St. Lucie West location. Gaudreau coordinates the schedule for six drivers. He can be found driving the cart every Monday morning.
He also works one day a week as a Citizen on Patrol volunteer for the Martin County Sheriff Department. Gaudreau patrols the Hutchinson Island beaches along the ocean and Indian River Lagoon.
“I love helping people,” he said. “I meet people from all walks of life and each of them has a story to tell. I really enjoy that.”
Broward Health North
Artie Yassar
Artie Yassar has volunteered with the Broward Health North Auxiliary since 2017. After retiring as a lifelong businessman, Artie moved from New York to Florida in 2010. In 2016, Artie’s wife became sick and was brought to Broward Health North. The hospital staff took such good care of his wife that Artie decided to volunteer as a way to support the wonderful caregivers that saved his wife’s life.
Artie works in the newly remodeled Emergency Department. He is responsible for transporting patients, delivering linen and food, greeting family members and, most importantly, making patients feel comfortable. The Emergency Department staff refers to Artie as the “Story Teller” because he always has a new story to share. Artie enjoys volunteering in the Emergency Department because from the moment he began volunteering, the staff made him feel welcomed into the family. “Now I pass on the welcoming spirit to everyone that comes into the Emergency Department,” Artie said.
Joyce Cook
Joyce Cook has volunteered with the Broward Health North Auxiliary since 2017. As a mother of three children, two of whom have special needs, Joyce has spent her lifetime taking care of others. After retiring as a therapeutic counselor for special needs children and adults, Joyce decided to volunteer at the hospital to give back in a different way.
Joyce works in the Employee Health Department assisting with filing and creating registration packets for newly hired employees. She is very organized and enjoys keeping her department orderly. Joyce was introduced to Broward Health North when she was brought to the hospital with medical issues.
“Broward Health North saved my life,” Joyce explains, “and this hospital is now my home and I love being part of the volunteer family.”
Broward Health Imperial Point
Frances J. Campbell
For the past 17 years, Frances J. Campbell, lovingly known as Fran, has been a volunteer at Broward Health Imperial Point (BHIP). Known for her detail, she was appointed to the position of gift shop manager. Dedicating at least 25 hours per week, she’s in charge of inventory, ordering products and training new cashiers at the thriving gift shop. Additionally, she helps with the annual yard sale and bake sale.
Fran is originally from Long Island, New York where she worked with her three sons in an auto repair shop. After a year of retirement and remodeling her Lighthouse Point home, she felt the need to get back to work and has been with BHIP ever since. Now at 82 years of age, she says “the work is tough, but meeting people and helping them keeps me motivated.”
Broward Health Medical Center
Barbara Saulsby
Barbara Saulsby joined the Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC) Auxiliary in 2012. In her six years of service, she has donated nearly 2,500 hour of service. Barbara works twice a week in the Auxiliary Gift Shop, striving to exceed her personal goal in sales. She is one of Broward Health Medical Center’s most successful Gift Shop volunteers.
In addition, Barbara coordinates and schedules volunteers to cover numerous events throughout the year which ensure positive outcomes for the Auxiliary’s fundraising efforts.
Prior to joining the Auxiliary, Barbara worked for 41 years for a computer company. She started working in high school as a cashier at a supermarket – a skill she puts to great use at Broward Health Medical Center’s Gift Shop.
In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and cruising with her retirement group. She is also very active in her church.
Marne O’Loughlin
Marne O’Loughlin joined the Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC) Auxiliary in March 2013. In her five years of service, she has donated nearly 5,000 hours of service.
Prior to volunteering, Marne worked as a surgical technician in Labor and Delivery for 46 years at Broward Health Medical Center. While working at the hospital, Marne required a knee replacement and she did her rehabilitation at the BHMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. After a very positive experience, Marne vowed she would come back to help after her retirement, a promise she diligently keeps.
Marne’s life is one of service. Working in the Outpatient Rehab Center, Marne changes linens and provides encouragement to patients who are working hard to get back function in their bodies. She works three full days a week, gaining respect and admiration for her bright and friendly personality.
Broward Health Coral Springs
 Gisele Duvalsaint
Gisele Duvalsaint has been a volunteer for Broward Health Coral Springs for the past 18 years. She currently volunteers in the ER department where she fits right into the fast-paced environment, drawing on her 35 years of experience as a nurse. She graduated from college in Montreal, Canada and later lived in New York. With extensive hospital knowledge, she enjoys helping nurses, patients and family members. She always has a smile on her face and takes pride in her work, always making sure that rooms are fully stocked and rooms are clean before patients are assigned. Giselle is a great asset to Broward Health Coral Springs.
Selwyn Gafen
Selwyn Gafen is not just a volunteer, he is part of the PCU family at Broward Health Coral Springs. He is always proactive and looking for things to do and improve on the unit. He is always ready and available to help staff out with discharging patients, getting a wheelchair, breaking down charts or putting supplies away. Selwyn has great ideas and takes pride in his unit. He’s very observant and customer-service oriented with staff, physicians, patients and their families. The staff always looks forward to when Selwyn comes in because they know he is a supportive team member. Selwyn does not have the word “no” in his vocabulary as there is nothing he will say no to if it helps his team out.
Hialeah Hospital
Aura Marina Galicia
Aura Marina Galicia has been a volunteer at Hialeah Hospital for eleven years. She is described as an extremely dedicated volunteer by the members of the information technology department at Hialeah Hospital. Aura comes to volunteer five days a week at 84 years old. Her attention to detail is a big asset to the department at the hospital. She is considered to be honest, trust worthy and loyal. Aura is very well liked by all at the hospital. All the members of the departments she volunteers for constantly praise and recognize her for her work. She says that volunteering is the best and that everyone should do it.
North Shore Medical Center
Doreen Barham
Doreen Barham has been a volunteer at North Shore Medical Center for the last two years. She is passionate about helping women, and that is why she is a volunteer at the Breast Center. She wants to help women that come in to get their yearly mammograms or procedures. She assists them by helping them fill out paperwork, walking them through the center, serving them water or coffee or just being a person the patients can lean on for comfort. All the members of the department respect her and enjoy seeing her smile. She says she looks forward to volunteering at North Shore Medical Center for many more years.
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