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Thursday February 27, 2020

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May 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 11



ScrubVAULT System, Part of Quadruple Aim Approach, Ranks High with Healthcare Staff

Healthcare systems are made up of thousands of moving parts, and when any one of them doesn’t work efficiently, it causes frustration for staff and takes the focus away from where it should be—on the patient. Being able to quickly and easily access scrubs, for example, makes it easier for healthcare providers to do their jobs, and gives them one less area of concern.

The ScrubVAULT System from ImageFIRST, which launched in select markets last year, has earned high praise from medical staff as well as hospital and ambulatory center administrators. A recent survey of staff at the Cleveland Clinic Florida in Coral Springs, for example, showed a 95 percent approval rate among users, who gave it very high marks.
Survey comments included the fact that the program was easy to implement, and inventory was easily manageable. Not only was the staff happy with it, but it was a big hit with those who transferred from other Cleveland Clinic Florida locations that didn’t have a ScrubVAULT System.
According to the survey, respondents liked the ease and simplicity of the system, the large amount of inventory, and the flexibility to select the size scrub they wanted.
“When asked what we should change, every single person said ‘nothing,’” explained Jay Juffre, vice president of operations and national service director of ImageFIRST. “The great thing about this is that when they’re not worrying about little things, like where and when to get scrubs, they are better able to focus on patient care.”
The ScrubVAULT System makes it easy for staff to get the garments they need. “Traditionally, scrubs would be stored in a locker room, where staff had to hope that they could find their size, and then they would return the scrubs at the end of the day,” explained Juffre. “The more modern approach is to have a scrub vending machine in the basement, where it has to be kept because it’s pretty large, which dispenses one set of scrubs. If a person wants more than one set because they have a number of procedures that day, they have to go down to get new scrubs each time they want to change.”
Because of the ScrubVAULT System’s compact size, multiple units can be placed throughout a facility and do not have to be relegated to the basement, saving staff the time and effort of having to travel to a single unit. It scans each employee’s unique QR code, opens in less than two seconds, and the user can select as many scrubs as they need.
“Because all of the scrubs are UHF RFID-chipped, the facility knows who took what when,” said Juffre. “When staff turn the scrubs back in, there is a record of it, which increases accountability.”
So much so, in fact, that facilities that have been using the ScrubVAULT System have seen a decrease in overall scrub costs. “People used to walk out with scrubs all the time; there was no way to keep track,” said Juffre. “Now that they are being tracked, people are more apt to return them, which means that our clients are controlling losses and reducing costs.”
Administrators also appreciate the easily accessible inventory and usage reports that are available at any time via ImageFIRST’s online customer portal.
 Since introducing the ScrubVAULT System a year ago, ImageFIRST has deployed more than 100 units in six major markets. “When people see it, they want it,” said Juffre, adding that the innovative technology is designed to meet healthcare’s quadruple aim approach.
“The goal is to control costs, keep patients and staff safe, take great care of patients, and keep staff engaged and happy,” said Juffre. “In the last decade, patient care and staff engagement have taken on a higher priority, and the ImageFIRST program hits all four of these goals.”
ImageFIRST’s dedicated representatives, called customer advocates, make sure that all of the products they provide are clean, safe and infection-free, and meet the needs of their clients.
“Patients are never happier than the staff is, so you want to make sure that you keep the staff happy,” said Juffre. “Sheets with holes, missing lab coats, or gowns that aren’t clean or have missing strings are frustrating. Dealing with these problems takes away from time with patients.
“Do you want your staff focused on the linen program or on patient care?” he added. “Our linen and scrub programs align with what is important to our customers.”

To learn more about ImageFIRST or the ScrubVAULT System, call 800-932-7472 or visit

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