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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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August 2009 - Volume 6 - Issue 2

Socialize Your Recruitment Strategy

Social media seems to have taken the world by storm with sites like Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter and the endless library of internet blog platforms. Today, it is easier than ever to share and collect information with individuals across the globe or in your own backyard; and it seems those not getting onboard are destined to be left behind as technology continues to advance. But, social media tools are not only for Generation Y to send photos of their latest haircut or update their dating status, they are a legitimate way to extend your company brand and reach out to a targeted candidate pool faster and more effectively than ever. You may be asking how social media can play a valuable role for healthcare professionals. Itís very simple; to get ahead you should be socializing your recruitment strategy. There are many different ways to use social media outlets to improve your practices. Utilizing social media profile pages can create a great viral marketing brand for your organization, targeted at attracting the right type of candidate. It also allows candidate interaction which, combined with tools like video, can offer the best information to help job seekers decide if they would be the best for your company. Recruitment blogs are also a great way to position your organization as an industry leader and begin engaging interested candidates. Using sites like twitter can also contribute to a strong brand message, when a well thought out communication strategy has been put in place to provide your community with concentrated pieces of information. With so many social media options available, there is a combination that will work for your organization to help strengthen and define your company brand to ultimately give you better recruitment results.

We know jumping into the world of social media can be overwhelming. If you would like assistance in creating a social recruitment strategy for your organization, contact

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