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Sunday September 20, 2020

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June 2017 - Volume 13 - Issue 12


'Speed to Market' New Trend in Healthcare Construction

"Speed to Market" is a constant in healthcare construction. Frank Vilar, President of OHL‑Arellano, a Florida healthcare leader, does not see this trend going away soon: "Our clients have an immediate demand for space. Owners are in a hurry to get their projects completed to get their patients in." Establishing healthcare brands in a particular territory is very competitive, and clients rely on OHL-Arellano for "Speed to Market."

Arellano Construction Co., a local healthcare construction leader, was founded in 1974, and entered into an alliance with OHL – a leading, global healthcare firm – in 2008. Vilar has been associated with the company for more than 30 years, is quite familiar with the industry, and does not believe the speed-to-market concept is going to slow down.
"I see a substantial increase in the planning and construction of senior living facilities, ambulatory centers and medical office building projects. Studies show that through 2029, 8,000 people daily, will turn 65 in the United States. This statistic, coupled with advanced medicine prolonging life, creates no doubt that senior living and supporting facilities will be in high demand. This ongoing surge for these facilities is where I see the next 10 years going."
Vilar also sees that the increasing number of urgent care centers being built under the current health care system, is based on patients using emergency rooms as their primary care physicians. "In order for the hospitals to alleviate the congestion in their Emergency Departments for true emergencies, they are building urgent care centers to drive patients with a common cold out of hospital EDs." OHL‑Arellano recently completed the state-of-the-art Lennar Foundation Medical Center, slated to be the "flagship" of outpatient care for UHealth, the UM Health System.
OHL-Arellano has the unique experience to meet the increasing demand for these facilities. Vilar said that his firm has built more than 30 urgent care centers throughout South Florida. Additionally, "We have recently completed two senior living facilities, Institute for Health Living in Jupiter, and East Ridge at Cutler Bay, with another commencing soon in Boca Raton. OHL- Arellano has also shown its presence in the Caribbean (Aruba), where we are completing a replacement hospital and expansion to the existing one."
Much of the firm's work is repeat business, with Vilar estimating up to 80 percent in the past 20 years. "We have clients that we have been on their campus for more than 30 years.”
One of the challenges in working with health care facilities is realizing that construction is not the main priority. "When you go to an existing facility, you have to remember that patient care is number one, and construction comes second," Vilar said. "Therefore, many of the challenges entail being flexible with your work and your schedule, and being able to accommodate the client."
Having been in business for more than 40 years, OHL–Arellano has been quite successful, and Vilar said one of the ways the firm distinguishes itself from competitors is through customer service. "We give clients personal attention. We strive to ensure that every client knows their project is the most important, whether it is a $500,000 expansion or $100 million addition. Our company executives are always accessible. Clients appreciate it when the decision makers are local and readily available.
"Our brand says healthcare and quality, and our team begins with longstanding relationships. Arthur Hoynack, Executive Vice President, and I have been working together for more than 30 years in the same company. The local team has a long, local standing, and clients appreciate the continuity of knowing exactly what seasoned team they are getting for their project."

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