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Friday May 29, 2020

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May 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 11




St. Mary’s Medical Center Performs Its First Awake Aneurysm Craniotomy

St. Mary’s Medical Center is now performing awake aneurysm craniotomies. A weak area in the blood vessels can develop into a balloon called an Aneurysm, carrying an inherent risk of bursting. This is treated either by coiling, or a surgical technique known as "clipping". During this procedure, the skull is opened, and the aneurysm on the artery is clipped, preventing it from bursting and causing a brain hemorrhage

“These surgeries are traditionally performed under general anesthesia, but the clipping of aneurysms while patients are awake, is a novel way of treating this condition,” said Dr. Raghuram Sampath, Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon on staff at St. Mary’s Medical Center. “Having the patient awake is the most reliable way to ensure we don’t cause damage to the brain, while safely securing the aneurysm.”
During the surgery, the patient does not feel pain, as all the sensitive nerves on scalp are anesthetized. During the surgery, the surgeon speaks to the patient, and asks them to perform simple tasks, making sure their motor and speech function remains intact.
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