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Sunday June 13, 2021

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November 2009 - Volume 6 - Issue 5

The Anatomy of an Executive Search

In this difficult economy, corporate recruiters (whatís left of them) and HR professionals (many no longer in place) have greatly expanded the use of electronic recruiting. Traditional web sites have given way to specific job sites and social networking. The results measured by "time to fill" and "days to hire" often lull companies into thinking the best candidates will magically appear in cyberspace. Professional search firms are expensive and now unnecessary. True enough in some instances. However, true professional search consultants who act as your business partner like your accounting and legal professionals should be part of your strategy. Let me demonstrate.

We conducted a search for a senior Medical Office Building Manager for a national client. Late reporting, poor tenant relations, accounting and maintenance issues significantly impacted the clientís relationship with a key religiously affiliated hospital system.

We recruited a strong candidate. On the surface here is what a "recruiter" would have found. She was out of work for a year, was a "Regional" level candidate and made more money than the position paid. Also, she was not open to relocation. During our research we found that she had been caring for an elderly mother, had gone through a divorce, and lost her home to foreclosure. She had only been a "Regional" for 6 months at the stated salary before resigning for personal reasons. We persuaded the client to interview her and they made a tentative offer if we could get all the details worked out.

Here is what we did to make the "deal". Helped arrange long term care for her mother. Helped persuade her ex husband to waive the "out of state" custody provision so she could relocate. Arranged for temp storage, a moving company and temp storage again in the new city. Arranged for a realtor to show her temporary and then permanent housing in the new city. Secured a $2500 sign on bonus from client as this candidate was broke. Secured authorization letters so that the candidate could move into housing. Paid out of pocket for 3 nights for her and children in a hotel.

On paper this candidate was a very long shot. However, she has proven herself to the point where the hospital CEO personally wrote a glowing review of her performance after just 60 days on the job.

Good Executive Search firms, like your other trusted partners add value to your company or facility. Choose wisely and be a good partner. Use the resources of Search Firms for your more complicated positions and donít "settle" for on-line resumes which limit your real ability to recruit top talent for your organization.

Jim Infantino is the owner and Principal of STAT Search, Florida and may be reached at (561) 483-8640 in Boca Raton, Florida.
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