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Saturday March 6, 2021

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March 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 9

The Florida Mental Health Coalition Donates a Hand Sanitizer Station to the North Miami Police Athletic League

The Astreea Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Will Help to Keep Kids and Officers Safe and Healthy  
January 13, 2021 - The Florida Mental Health Coalition (FMHC) has donated a state-of-the-art sanitizing station to the Police Athletic League of North Miami (PAL of North Miami). The Astreea pedal hand sanitizer was given to the PAL of North Miami free of charge to help everyone at the facility stay healthy and protected against COVID-19. 
Last month, the FMHC announced a partnership with PAL of North Miami to provide free mental health clinical services to the uninsured and under-insured children, ages 8-18. The program includes weekly afternoon visits from Dr. Riwa Kassar, a clinician and therapist with FMHC. Adam Hertzman, a board member of FMHC, has the patent for the Astreea hand sanitation stations and decided to donate one to PAL of North Miami after working with team there so closely.  
“It is amazing to see the dedication and effort all the officers at PAL of North Miami have put forth to keep this program going for area kids who need it,” says Hertzman. “Despite COVID, they have remained open to safely help children, and hopefully, this small gesture will make things that much easier for them to continue their work.”  
“We are grateful for this gift from the FMHC team, since the health and wellness of our children is extremely important to us,” says North Miami Police Chief Larry Juriga Chief. “We have been successful in keeping everyone safe with our current COVID-19 protocols and this device is an added bonus.” 
During the pandemic, the PAL of North Miami has expanded its services to include virtual schooling day camp for students who might not have parents at home during the day or the necessary computer equipment. The PAL of North Miami has a number of computers for children to use and offers tutoring and technical help for those who need it.  
FMHC receives a portion of the proceeds from every Astreea hand sanitation station sold. This device is fully mechanical with a pedal operation that does not require batteries. The company also offers a sanitizer subscription service. Dispensers start around $300.  
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