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Sunday April 11, 2021

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December 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 6

The Shifting Landscape of Healthcare Marketing

Many consider this to be a challenging era for America’s healthcare industry. At Broward Health, we see it as an exciting time, ripe with opportunity to reach not only those who are most likely to need our services, but to proactively care for the health of entire communities. It’s our charge to ensure that every individual has resources at their disposal to stay healthy and out of the hospital.
Over the years, we at Broward Health have readily embraced this cultural shift, working to improve access to care and enhance overall quality of care by connecting people to our services and programs in new and unique ways. Preventive health screenings, risk assessments and creative social media tools are just some of the more effective tactics we’ve employed as we have grown with the shift to ensure the improved health of the community at large. In doing so, research has shown that we have significantly raised awareness of the Broward Health brand, increasing name recognition so that our more than fifty facilities throughout the county are top of mind to consumers when they need care. In many ways, our team of healthcare marketers is simply connecting the dots – arming patients with the resources they need to take charge of their own health.
For instance, we are advertising important heart, lung, breast and colon screenings, equipping consumers with information to help them detect cancer early. Grassroots promotion of Broward Health Imperial Point’s Man Van has brought new meaning to convenience by providing mobile screenings and checkups on wheels. By aligning ourselves with key local organizations and athletes, community partnerships and events such as Broward Health Fields Fit Fest have blossomed into long-running relationships that not only educate the youngest members of our community about health and fitness, but ask that they pledge to stay active. And with the help of a robust technological infrastructure, we are connecting people with personalized health management tools through the My Health patient portal and on All of these efforts align with our overarching strategic marketing goal to link consumers with high quality care at Broward Health’s urgent care centers, community health centers, primary care physician offices and – if necessary – our hospitals. Access to high quality healthcare at a Broward Health facility is easier than ever and this is a primary focus throughout our marketing.
Broward Health’s commitment to wellness has produced revenue-generating initiatives as well. At Lillian S. Wells Women’s Health Center, visitors can now enjoy spa services and extended hours for increased accessibility and convenience. Broward Health Medical Center’s Wellness Center is open to the public and offers multiple classes for all ages and fitness levels. Our Broward Health Complete retail pharmacy and medication-to-bedside prescription delivery program ensures patients have access to the supplies and services they need to avoid a return trip to the hospital.
As one of the largest employers in Broward, it is just as critical that we extend our wellness efforts to our more than 10,000 employees, physicians and volunteers, as well as our community. With several initiatives in place – such as smoking cessation classes, health screenings, weight loss programs, Wellness Center discounts and the most recent Punt the Pounds program held in partnership with NFL pro punter Brandon Fields – we help to ensure that our workforce is modeling the same healthy behaviors that we promote among patients.
When we are incentivized by health, we are forced to find new ways for our patients to pursue it. Together with our award-winning traditional and digital marketing campaigns, Broward Health is recognized for achievements in quality and for providing a level of customer satisfaction that rivals luxury hotels. It’s our goal to change an entire community’s view of hospitals; to help people understand that health systems no longer just treat disease but proactively seek to prevent it. Our goal is to ensure that people come to Broward Health facilities to get – and stay – healthy.
And when health is our focus, when we find and prevent disease at its core, we are driving down the overall cost of healthcare for all. With that mission, everyone benefits. We can feel good about that and we can make our community feel even better. 
Sara Howley Callari, SVP/Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Broward Health, can be reached at or (954) 355-5613.
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